Its a battle but I really want and need to do this. 12th and 13th February 2013

Yesterday I had a great day, I was working at home which is usually difficult because the kitchen is close by and food is easily accessible however I managed to stay away by drinking lots of water and thinking about what I want to look like in the future. I had arranged for a babysitter to babysit so I could go for a run with my neighbour in the evening but she unfortunately my neighbour could not make it so I motivated myself and managed to do a run in my lunch break on my own!!. I felt so much better for it and I do find that going for a run helps keep the hunger at bay too. I ran for 8 x 1 minute intervals with 1.5 minute walks in between. Last August I was running 5K but I let this lapse when the nights drew in in October. i am determined to keep it up this year and run at least 3 x times a week.

Today I was working in the office, I was really good this morning and had a lovely tub of ready prepared fruit for breakfast which I nibbled on during the morning. At lunchtime the whole team decided to go to the pub for lunch and the thought of watching everyone eat nearly drove me crazy and I ended up having a flatbread with cheese, tomato puree and rocket. I am not sure this was the healthiest thing to have and I did suffer with a tummy ache this afternoon.
My hunger started when I got home this evening. Within 5 minutes of walking through the door I had eaten 6 x mikado chocolate sticks and 2 x kallo chocolate coated rice cakes, I then had about 20 Olives. This is where I go wrong – the snacking MUST STOP!!

For tea tonight I will be having a bowl of mushroom risotto (on the Slimming World diet you can eat as much of this as you like).

Its weigh in tomorrow morning at Slimming World. I am confident I have lost some weight but I really am not sure how much. This is tough and harder than giving up smoking. For the last 3 x weeks I have lost 1/2lb a week. I want to loose at least 2lb a week.

The plan for tomorrow includes another run and its booked in my diary so I don’t miss the appointment.


9 thoughts on “Its a battle but I really want and need to do this. 12th and 13th February 2013

  1. Stay strong Charlotte, you are sounding very positive & managed a run in your lunch break!! It would have been so easy to use the babysitter excuse and not go so well done hon. Don’t worry about the occasional food slip ups (as long as they aren’t every day!!). Just get straight back on the wagon to healthy eating each meal time. Xx

  2. Fruit, fruit and more bloody fruit! I lost 3 stone on WW. You CAN do it. Bad days…yes, but put those behind you, don’t do the guilt. Good days…Woo Hoo….and only weigh yourself once a week. Go for it girl 🙂 xx

  3. Well done, I’m doing the same with my trading. Lay the cards out on the table and be accountable. As I finish work in a couple of weeks, if you need a running partner, just shout!

  4. Hang in there Hon!! It will be worth it… We’re with you all the way. Reach for the phone rather than a snack & chat to your great mates. You are awesome! Xx

  5. Wishing you the very best of luck. It’s a tough journey but it really sounds like your head is in the right place and thats half the battle won!! Love. Sam

  6. Hey lovely….really empathise with you and I so understand that post work feeling and diving into the bad stuff. The thought of something yummy eats away at you and it’s the best feeling just before you munch, feels great as you eat it and then it’s the most awful feeling of guilt and disappointment in yourself afterwards. Is that how you feel? I don’t even know the answer to this apart from the fact that as you know it feels amazing when you don’t give in and you wake up in the morning feeling really smug that you had a good day before! Keep up with that smug feeling! xxxxx

  7. You can definitely do this! Finding your way to it may take time, but keep trying all kinds of things — blogging & shared support, food diaries for analysis as you learn yourself & your mind’s wiley cravings, fitness efforts & making them work with your schedule, etc. You’ll soon find what works for you. Be patient & kind to yourself while you chisel down to the heart of the matter & find the very best, healthiest you underneath 🙂

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