A Huge Thank You

I know its only day one but I am amazed at the support I am receiveing from friends and friends of friends. I really apprecaite all of the messages and tips it all helps.

Since my weigh in this morning, I have had time to reflect and sulk and am now feeling more positive. Food wise I have had a really good day and feel very proud of myself though Simon has just called to say he will be too late getting to mine to cook dinner so he will be getting a Waitrose meal (the special offer deal) so I have asked him to find a meal that is healthy or as healthy as possible. I dont want to cancel out all the good I have done today.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me and following my blog. When I become a little more experienced in blogging I will make the site more interesting for you all to read.

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend and her children for lunch. We will be eating out somewhere so I have a new challenge to contend with. What shall I eat? I guess that there will be healty options on the menu and so I will have to avoid looking at the other items. Wish me luck! I will update you tomorrow on the outcome.


2 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You

  1. Hey C, I’m no expert but I think someone else has mentioned about the muscle/fat weight thing? It could be a little disconcerting if you try and ‘weigh in’ too frequently. I read somewhere once that its better to grab a tape measure, and do your waist, bicep and thigh, add them all together to give yourself a score. Track that score as well as your weight! Just a thought…. see you tomorrow!

  2. Just read this..now signed up to your blog…need inspiration to lose weight and you are it! Going to follow closely charlotte … And hopefully keep up with you 🙂 well done!

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