Gutted but still determined

I was weighed in this morning at Slimming World and was gutted to find that I had put on half a pound. I have tried so hard this week (but maybe not hard enough) and I have started running again. I am sure I am eating 50% less than I was 6 weeks ago so why cant I loose any weight? How on earth am I going to loose around 7 stone if I cant even loose 1/2lb a week!!!

I am wondering if starvation (water only) is the answer just to see if I loose any weight.

On my way home from being weighed in I was so tempted to blow it all and buy a large packet of crisps and down a glass of wine. For 6 x weeks now I have avoided crisps and have only had alcohol on 3 occassions, prior to this I was having wine every night and at least 2 x packets of crisps a day. So WHY cant I loose weight?? Arrgggghhhhhhhhh.

Ok rant over, on a positive note I got home, put my running gear on and went for a run. I am following my running app on my ipod and today was my last day of running 8 x 1 minute intervals with 1.5 minute walks in between and a 5 minute warm up each side. I took my anger out on the run and I needed to because there was a lot of frustration there.

I intend to go and purchase some fruit today and attempt to eat fruit if I am hungry between meals. This will be easier said than done as the temptation to eat other things is always there but I need to do this.


2 thoughts on “Gutted but still determined

  1. Hi Charlotte try not to be disappointed – try stick to the positives log your more active now and you’ve taken this first step on getting into shape the healthy way – it will be a long road of ups and downs but you have all you friends & family fully behind you! Throw away all chocolates etc from your cupboards & fill with fresh veg & nuts for snacks. Fad dieting doesn’t work for the long term so stick to healthy eating & drinking lots of water & I’m sure you’ll see fantastic results soon. Behind you all the way xx

  2. Keep up the running! You’ve probably gained weight because your body is building up muscle which weighs more. Hang on in there. I’m in the same boat – exercising more and struggling to lose the pounds. We can do it though. Your blog is great šŸ˜‰ x

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