Do I reduce/cut out wheat and gluten from my diet?

Today has been good and I am feeling more positive that I can do this. It is still quite daunting but I know that I have to do it.

I have been mulling over in my head whether to cut out wheat and gluten to see if it makes any difference. About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and I was being treated with metformin I also had to try and reduce the amount of wheat and gluten I consumed. Once I fell pregnant with my daughter I stopped taking the metformin and the wheat and gluten thing went out of the window. I am wondering if one of the reasons why my weight loss seems so slow is because I am still eating wheat and gluten.

Well the lunch with my friend today went well. I had a chicken and bacon salad which was about the healthiest item on the menu. I did have a few of Olivia’s quavers which is not so good but that was my only naughty thing today.

Tonight will be a challenge. We are going to my friend Hazels house to celebrate her birthday with drinks and canapes. I will be eating a Jkt potato with prawns before I go and intend to take some of my own nibbles consisting of wheat and gluten free crispbreads and some smoked salmon. I probably wont drink either (but I will allow my self one glass of bubbly or wine) for dietary reasons and also because I am going for a run at 9am tomorrow. This will be my first social evening with my friends whom I have bared my deepest secret to in the last few days (my weight) so I feel a bit nervous and feel like people will be looking at me thinking – Look at her she weighs xxx. Silly I know and I should be flattered that people are talking about me and also the one thing about being overweight is that you cant hide it so they all know that I am fat anyway. I will let you know how tonight goes on my next blog.

Right, time for my spud to come out of the oven. Enjoy your weekends everyone.


5 thoughts on “Do I reduce/cut out wheat and gluten from my diet?

  1. I’ve found leaving out starchy carbs is a great way to kick start weight loss and to have more energy. Make sure you replace that portion with veg as these also contain carbohydrates but the good kind!! Swap out your jacket potatoes for sweet potatoes and if you can’t find a substitute for rice go for basmati rice or brown rice as the healthier option. When eating your meal make sure you have protein on the plate and start your meal eating a few mouthfuls of just protein first. Continue drinking lots of water and when you feel ready cut down on dairy products (I know you love cheese as much as me but have this as your treat rather than a staple part of your food plan). Take everyday day one step at a time and if you have a treat don’t kick yourself about it make the next meal even more healthy.
    If you’re going out to eat you can always ask the kitchen to make you something up but its just as easy to ask them to swap the potatoes out for a portion of extra veg – or have the dressing/sauce on the side so you can add to taste rather than coat the whole dish. You’ll see results of that there is no doubt – keep up the good work & hope you had a lovely night out last night xx

  2. Hi! Great post. I’m doing a 90-day Gluten Free challenge because of a variety of health issues. I’ve been tested for celiac and am getting more tests. Hope your journey goes well! I’m looking to share good recipes…

  3. Hi! I have Celiac and cut gluten out of my diet about two years ago. Endometriosis and fibromyalgia run in my family, and although aren’t the same as your diagnosis, are vastly improved by eliminating gluten from the diet. I absolutely think you should give it a try, but you have to commit, cheating and eating gluten (even a little) will ruin your efforts. Try it & see if you experience any improvement! Good luck (I know how hard it is at first!) and let me know if you need any gluten free tips! 🙂

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