Still feeling positive

The drinks party at Hazels house last night to celebrate her birthday went so well. I only had one glass of bubbly and then I went on to water and feel good cloudy lemonade. I didnt even look at all the canapes that were on the table although there was lots of talk about how scrummy Sam’s chocolate brownies were and I did see a couple of pork pies being passed around.

I must give Hazel a huge thank you for last night but an even bigger thank you for her encouragement and help in creating this blog. If it wasnt for Hazel I would still be moping about and loosing 1/2lb a week. I now feel like I am on track and in the right frame of mind to do this long term. Hazel I owe you big time.

I have been overwhelmed with ALL the support I am receiving and all the amazing tips and encouragement everyone is giving me – keep it coming its working!

For the first time in years, I had a breakfast this morning which consisted of pineapple, blueberries, melon, mango and kiwi mixed with a muller light and I really enjoyed it and felt quite full afterwards. Prior to eating breakfast I went for a run with my neighbour Julie. We did 8 x 1 minute intervals with 1.5 minute walks in between. I enjoy running so much more when I am running with someone else and the time passes quicker too. Thanks Julie.

We are going to cook the hairy bikers recipie tonight consisting of roasted vegetables with chicken and I am really looking forward to it.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and this lovely mild weather.


2 thoughts on “Still feeling positive

  1. You are so welcome. Last night was a great test and you proved you do have the will power and motivation to do this.
    Can’t wait to invite you to my next birthday party ! Just think where you’ll be in 12 months time x

  2. When I lost my 5.5 stone the main thing that I did, that I hadn’t done previously is actually believe that “this was it”. It was a massive mental sea-change, from a half-hearted miserable attempt to being utterly focused on the cause (some might say obsessed). All I could think of was the great recipes I could make and new, exciting ways to burn of calories. I worked to a minimum calorie deficit of 450 calories a day, limited myself to 1200 calories and was ABSOLUTELY resolute to hit my goal. You are much stronger that me Charlotte, so you can do it – I am certain of that. Stay focused, allow yourself to be a little bit selfish when it comes to runing and “me” time, stock up on healthy snacks and you’ll stay on track – and will help to inspire us all.

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