Day 6 of my blog and still going strong

What a fantastic weekend and I am so proud of myself with regards to my food consumption. I even refused crackling with my roast pork last night!!! (unheard of).

Yesterday we went for a lovely walk at the RSPB in Sandy (Charty Welly Walk in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation). Well done Kylie for organising it and raising funds (over £100 raised I do believe). The actual charity walk was quite short as it was designed for little ones so we decided to make the walk a longer one. The weather was like a spring day and so it was delightful to be outside in the fresh air.

In the evening we went to my mum and dads for a roast. Pork. I requested a smaller amount of meat than I would normally have, I only put one potato on my plate (but I did have another one later!) and I piled the vegetables on also.

I am amazed at how well I seem to be doing and I am hoping that when I jump on the scales on Thursday the benefits will show. Watch this space.

Today is going to be a challenge – see my next blog for why.


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