Wheat and Gluten blip

Tonight I went to my mums to pick up my daughter and she had cooked me dinner. Unfortunately I forgot to mention to her that I am trying to stay away from wheat and gluten and she had made me penne pasta and Bolognese. I did eat it; however I opted to only eat a small amount of pasta. I can get back on track again now and try to avoid wheat and gluten going forwards.


6 thoughts on “Wheat and Gluten blip

  1. Hey not the end of the world, be interesting how your stomach reacts though. As long S your portion size was realistic and you didn’t smother the pasta in cheese!

    Try the gluten free pastas they are really good now, they used to taste like wallpaper paste and have a similar texture but so much better now.

  2. I’m finding a weekly run combined with a couple of Zumba sessions is really helping boost my motivation, pep up flagging energy levels and bolster my metabolic rate – the class leader at Potton Zumba is amazing and fills every Zumba session with the most incredible, positive energy! I beam and sing my heart out all the way through an hour of sweaty mahem knowing that I’ve burnt off around 400-500 cals along the way!! You’re welcome to join me (and 50 others) any time Charlotte – it’s on Monday’s and Wednesday’s 8-9pm at Burgoyne School in Potton.

    Keep up the good work – and try to visualise the end result and FANTASTIC you’ll feel.

  3. Well done for starting this Charlotte. I really like your blog. I’ve just started (today!) trying to get rid of the baby weight and this is inspiring to read. I’ve thrown out all the temptations in the cupboard, bought a super-sized sports bra, and stocked up on gluten and dairy-free essentials. Feels like a big challenge but I will be inspired by your example. Good luck! Xxx

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