Serious Munchies

I did so well this morning. I started with a bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt, I was good at lunch time and since then it has all gone Pete Tong. I ate a packet of Walkers Salt and Vinegar French Fries, 4 chunks of lindt milk chocolate and a treat size bag of chocolate buttons!!!

I guzzled water all afternoon in the hope that the munchies would go away but they didnt hence the chocolate and crisps. I think I went to the toilet about 5 times this afternoon!!

Now I need to get back on track and stop munching. I will kick myself if I get on those scales on Thursday and havent lost any weight.

I cooked myself a healthy dinner and have not snacked anymore today.

Dieting is most certainly harder than giving up smoking!!!!


4 thoughts on “Serious Munchies

  1. Get rid of ALL those bad temptations. I don’t have anything in the house that can lead me astray – it would be a recipe for total disaster. Bin ’em all. Get back on track. Remind yourself HOW MUCH YOU WANT THIS!!!

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