Less than 24 hours until my next weigh in

I am amazed at how quickly the last week has gone. I can’t believe that yet again I will be weighing in tomorrow morning at Slimming World.

I am confident that this week I will be smiling after being weighed as I am 100% certain that I have lost weight this week. Thank goodness for Muller Lights – which reminds me I must do some research into them to find out if they are providing me with any nutrients and vitamins etc or are they just a wasted food like crisps. Most flavours are only about 50-100 calories a pot and they also seem to be low in saturated fat (I think – 0.3g of saturated fat per 100g is this good?) which is why I seem to be consuming approximately 2-3 of them a day as my chocolate, crisp and other unhealthy foods replacement. Slimming World rave about them but I am starting to question some of the foods they recommend as many seem to be diet foods (low calorie, low fat foods) and I am not so sure these are healthy either as they contain sweeteners and other items which research shows are not good for you.

Food is such a confusing thing when you really start to look into it. I don’t understand vitamins, minerals, fat content, good carbs and bad carbs. I am sure if I did have a better understanding I would know what to eat and what not to eat.

Anyway wish me luck for tomorrow. Think of me at approx 9.45am when I am a nervous wreck about to step up onto those scales. I will of course update you tomorrow with the outcome.


2 thoughts on “Less than 24 hours until my next weigh in

  1. Will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for your weigh in, you seem really positive so I’m sure you’re hard work will have paid off! Do get in touch with my sister Hannah as she is just about to qualify as a health & nutrition coach and can point you in the right direction/advise you about low fat foods etc.. Let me know…..xxxx

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