24 Hours after weigh in and why I am even more determined.

It’s over 24 hours after weigh in and I still feel positive and on track to loose all this weight. I keep referring to the picture which is an image of what I look like based on my current weight and what I could look like if I weighed 7 stone less and that picture gives me hope and determination to get through this.

Its my 40th birthday in June and it would be so nice if I was slimmer than I am now for my birthday. We are also hoping to go on a beach holiday this year and if we do it would be nice to wear a swimming costume or bikini without feeling that everyone is looking at me saying, cor look at the size of her.

People who know me would probably say that I am a confident person. Well I am on the outside but on the inside my insecurities are eating me up (get the pun)!! Most of these insecurities are about my weight so this is another reason for having to loose this weight. If I ever go out somewhere special I try on at least 5 outfits before deciding what to wear (I am sure slim people do this as well) but I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I don’t like what I see and so I avoid looking in that mirror unless it is necessary. It’s the same with photos. I don’t like what I see. I am sure that when some of the weight has gone I will feel better about myself and my confidence will improve. Any of you reading this blog who are also overweight I am sure will be able to relate to this.

Because of my confidence and because I hate looking in the mirror and hate having to look at photos of myself and because I have a gorgeous little girl who I love very much. I will loose this weight and I will be healthy again. I have so much to live for.


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