The Countdown begins

So its Tuesday night and the countdown begins for weigh in on Thurs morning.

Today I weighed myself before my run and I weighed xx stone and 10lb when I got back from my run I had some lunch and then weighed myself again and I weighed 4lb less!!! How does that work?? My weight does seem to fluctuate by 4lb. Has anyone else noticed that their weight fluctuates in a similar way?

So anyway back to the countdown. I am finding I am getting into a sort of eating routine/habit (whatever you want to call it) and so for each new day the crisps seem more of a distant memory. I got paid today so did my large food shop and I didnt even walk down the crisp or chocolate aisle. I am so proud of myself for avoiding those two aisles as they are so tempting. I try not to think about the relationship I had with crips because if I do, I start missing them; especially Walkers chilli sensations!!

If I can keep this routine up for the rest of my life I will be sorted and slim.


One thought on “The Countdown begins

  1. Well done Hun, you slowly and surely regaining control and that is a very important part of managing weight loss. It must be such a great feeling to have food under control (as opposed to IT ruling YOU!). Stick with it xxx

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