Will having a hair cut / shaving my legs help me loose any weight?

Men, close your ears. Anyone squeamish close your ears.

I have not shaved my legs all winter. Do you think shaving them might loose a pound or two? If I have my hair cut will that make any difference? How much does hair weigh?

I am pretty certain that I am not the only overweight person trying to diet that has asked this question. When you are dieting and desperate to loose weight you will do anything to loose that extra pound on the scales (this has given me an idea for another subject on my blog).

I have just had a look on Google to see if anything comes up and there are several forums where people have asked this question
One answer is as follows:

“wow this required some research… anyway what I found is that hair weight can vary based on many things such as the protein compsition (British Journal of Dermatology) , texture, cultural differences in the persons hair being weighed. Some sources said hair weight ranged from 2.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds for a 8 to 16 inches of hair again depending on the type of human hair (texture, thickness and so forth).
I did a Google search and found that also in addition to the various dermatology studies done on hair many advertisers of hair extensions tell you the weight of hair for different types, color, texture hair extensions they sell in various lengths which range from the same I mentioned above from the dermatology sites I visited.
so yes I would say a 2 pound loss is possible…”

So, amazingly you could loose a small amount of weight (this is only one persons opionion though) if you had your hair cut but the amount of weight is minimal it’s not even worth considering – it is rather extreme to cut all your hair off just to weigh less (by about 2lb). I cant see that shaving legs would make any difference at all either. So there is my conclusion on the matter.

Any dieters out there thinking about cutting all their hair off and shaving any other hair on their body off to loose weight – I wouldnt bother – go for a run or walk instead.


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