A blip but it hasn’t stopped me from being determined

So today was weigh in day. My weight gain was 1.5lb (which is what I lost last week). Although I have upped the time I run for I also upped the amount of food I consumed last week – it was very difficult being stuck in the house with the bad weather and I think one of the contributions to this weight gain was the Pot of Olives with Feta cheese that I consumed on Sunday.
My tummy also felt very bloated and still does. I am going to try and eat a little bit more fibre to see if that helps as I don’t think I was consuming enough.

I am not angry, upset or cross that I put on this week. I have done so well over the last 4 weeks that I am bound to have the occasional blip. I was expecting to either remain the same or put on this week so it wasnt a shock.

I did however go for my Thursday morning post weigh in run and I did work harder than I normally would. I am finding the 25 minute run quite a challenge and it is difficult. 25 minutes seems like a long time when you are running on your own and today I pushed myself by upping my pace on several occasions for short bursts.

This week I will loose and I will not be eating Olives.

Thursday morning is getting closer

So yet another weigh in tomorrow. I am still feeling bloated so who knows what the result will be.

I am having a plate of poached salmon this evening with salad and am really looking forward to it, lets hope it keeps me full till the morning.

Some people have said they have not seen my blogs recently on facebook which is concerning me, I will try and find out the problem and get the blogs posted on there again.

I will let you know how tomorrow goes……………….

Hardly eaten a thing but feel bloated!

I went to bed last night feeling very bloated. I am not sure why as I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. I did have a chicken curry at my mums with rice so perhaps there was an ingredient in this which has bloated me, it was rather filling and I couldn’t eat it all but I was hoping that was because my tummy is shrinking!!

This morning after a great nights sleep (a full 8 hours) I was feeling fresh and bright and breezy and ready to tackle what the day threw at me. By 9am I had completed a full 25 minute run (with no walking) and was sitting at my desk ready to do a days work. I was very proud of myself and really pleased that I managed a full 25 minutes without stopping for the 2nd time this week. It was difficult and the thought of stopping did go through my head on several occasions but I managed to fight the thoughts by focusing on the weight I want to loose and how much weight I need to loose. My fellow runner is now on holiday for 2 x weeks so I will be running on my own for at least 2 more weeks. She has promised me that when she returns she will be focusing on her running and will come out with me which will be nice. I am getting used to running on my own but it is so much nicer to run with someone else.

Tonight is countdown to Thursdays weigh in and so the next 30+ hours I will be focusing on eating the right foods and not nibbling on any junk (not that I have been anyway). I have been good this week but feel in myself like a porker. I feel boated and heavy (even on the run today I felt heavy). I don’t know the reason for this but it will be interesting to log this and keep an eye on when it occurs. Perhaps my tummy is getting used to the lower amounts of food and so when I eat it feels full? I really dont know.

Who wants some sunshine?

Thats enough now. We have had enough of the cold, wind, snow, rain and grey skies. The sun is now required to cheer us all up and enable us to go outside without having to put a coat, scarf, gloves and hat on.

I have an icicle which keeps growing above my back door. WE have already knocked it down once but it has formed again. I am now totally paranoid about shutting the door incase it drops down and bumps me on the head. It looks pretty lethal.

We spent nearly the whole weekend in the house not wanting to venture out into the cold so I struggled with food. I just wanted to nibble all day. I did nibble all day but tried to stick to healthy nibbles like my best friend the carrot stick however they soon went because Simon and Olivia also helped me nibble on them. We did venture out for a walk through the woods and after making a few snow angels and getting her gloves wet Olivia was cold so we had to turn around and come back.

I did not go for my run on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon I was feeling rather cross with myself for not running (but also worried about slipping on the ice) however after some discussion Simon and I decided to go for a run after dropping Olivia off at my mums. So at 8pm last night we were both running round the Embankment in Bedford (there was not a soul out apart from 2 cyclists). Simon is a few weeks behind me on the training programme but he has a faster running pace so we managed to work it so we were never far away from each other and we could both hear and see each other. I managed to do a full 25 minute run and wow was I proud of myself I even had the energy to up my pace for the final minute of the run. My runs are all now full runs with no walking so I need to start building up some stamina.

Anyway hopefully we will soon get some sunshine. The clocks go forward this weekend coming so the evenings will be lighter. I really want to spend some time in my garden and make it look like a garden.

Lets all hope this cold spell (forecasted to last all of this week with the possibility of more snow over the Easter weekend) is the last for this winter and spring/summer appears soon.

Another good result

Wow I still can’t quite believe that I lost 1.5lb this week. I was certain that I was going to stay the same. I have been good yet, but I have also been out for a meal for Simons birthday and had a couple of things I shouldnt really have. I guess thats why it was only 1.5lb.

So far 11lb lost so this week my focus is to loose 3lb so I can get my 1 stone weight loss award. This will be tough but I really really want to get there. Then I will only have 6 stone more to loose after that.

When you are on a diet you work out how much you would like to loose and how long it is going to take you. If I can continue loosing at the rate I have been I could loose 6 stone in a year. That would be quite an achievement and obviously once I have lost that weight I need to maintain that loss forever which will be another challenge in itself but we will cross that bridge in the future. For now I need to take each day as it comes and watch, count and be aware of everything that goes into my mouth.

After weigh in I went for my usual celebration/punishment run which today was 10 min run 3 min walk and another 10 min run. I found it quite hard today but the thought that its helping drop the pounds off me is keeping me going. I also had to stop at one point because somehow a thorn got in my trainer and was digging into my heel so I had to remove my trainer and the thorn before I could continue. Ouch!!

Weigh in day is looming

The weeks seem to fly by and before you know it its Thursday again and phew am I glad. This week at work has been manic and I am so relieved that my working week is finished. I can now focus on tidying the house and spending some time with Olivia for a few days.

I am not sure what weigh in will bring tomorrow I am just hoping that I have not put on any weight. I still want to loose 4.5lb in the next 2 weeks so if I have stayed the same tomorrow or put on I will have quite a challenge ahead.

I feel like I have settled into a running routine now. On the days that I dont run I miss it and wish I was running. On a number of occassions I have been tempted to go for a run on my rest day but have decided this is probably not a good idea as I need to rest my muscles (especially as its still early days). When I am running and struggling I focus on how much weight I want to loose and this seems to spur me on. I cant wait to run when I have lost all of this weight, I have this thought in my head that I will feel as light as a feather. Currently I am carrying over 6 stone in excess weight and like my friend Sam said that is the equivalent of carrying a 6/7 year old child so surely when I have lost all this weight I will be bouncing!!

I will update you tomorrow on how weigh in went. Bye for now.