Thursdays Weigh in Verdict

I stayed exactly the same weight as the week before. Yes I know what a let down. But on the positive side it is making me even more determined. I have already lost some weight so I know I can do it. I am doing the running and am pretty sure I am doing everything right. Maybe the popcorn I ate and the cake I shared with Simon last week were the things that stopped me loosing. The thing is I need the occassional naughty thing surely?

Well I went to this great place this morning called Double Vision for a fee consultation. It is a gym / fitness centre specialising in people who want to loose weight and you can have personal training. They also monitor your weight and you have one session a week talking about your diet etc. It looked and sounded great and the fact that I saw a friend in the gym when I was there made it even more appealing. For the first month you dont pay a penny unless you loose 7lb of Fat (not weight but Fat) if you loose that 7lb of fat you pay £267 and then its approx £240 a month thereafter. You can go as often as you like and for that you have a personal trainer each time you attend. I would so love to do it and I think I would really enjoy it and yes there is a but. I live off £260 a month for my food, clothes socialising etc so I cannot afford to do it. Its such a shame because I really liked the look and sound of it and the nice thing was not all the people in the gym were slim and so I didnt feel out of place and it would have been a good place to be to talk with like minded people with similar challenges. The other challenge I have is fitting my excercise in with work and Olivia. I can only go when I dont have Olivia and that is not very often. If I purchased some weights etc to use at home I have no where to store them. I just dont know. Everything costs money and it gets me down so much.

Anyway I do need to find another form of fitness other than running. I can start the pilates next week on a Thursday but I feel that I need to do more than that too but when and how? I cant afford to pay money for everything. That is the good thing about the running – its free (well its free if I can fit it around Olivia) Sometimes if I have Olivia I do have to pay for childcare which does end up costing quite a lot of money over the course of a month but I really feel that I need to do another form of excercise too.

What shall I do???


4 thoughts on “Thursdays Weigh in Verdict

  1. Hi C
    Would you like to borrow a Davina Dvd? The first one I bought I did religiously 3 times a week for an an hour at a time. At least you can do this when Olivia is around or in bed. Let me know xx

  2. Great idea Sam, looks like you need to make evenings when Olivia is on bed your time to exercise. There are loads of DVDs you can follow, or just Google weight loss exercises there are loads. You don’t need a huge space just enough room to lie down. And jump up and down. You have stairs use the first three as a step machine.
    Try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens
    My weights are on a rack and take up hardly any space at all, less than a hangbag on gbe floor. Argos, Jessica Ennis.
    Is your iPod working ? There are loads of exercise apps out there !

  3. All good tips.
    I think what would be good for you is an exercise that costs pretty much nothing, that you can fit in anywhere, and that you can include Olivia in if she is with you. The answer…… is walking! As you know, I go walking every day first thing in the morning – which would probably not suit you on a working day, but perhaps you could go in your lunch break? Even if you only have 15 mins, just pop on some trainers and head out the door. (keep an old pair of trainers at work. As you ‘ve recently given up smoking, you can swap what would have been your ‘smoking break’ for a quick walk instead.
    When Olivia is with you – go together. You may not be able to go at as brisk a pace (or maybe she’ll have you running after her instead!) but any exercise is good exercise, and it will be good for Olivia too. If she is not enthusiastic to start, stick with it and it will soon be part of your daily routine. Even in you only go for 10 minutes, go every day. And then extend the times. If it’s dusk, take a torch so the cars can see you. Can be done anytime, any weather and I guarantee you, you’ll feel better after the fresh air too.
    A study has shown that people who move more as part of their normal daily routine and don’t go to the gym are slimmer than those who sit at their desks all day and don’t move at all, then go to the gym 3 times a week. I’ve got a desk job – I offer to make drinks, take things to other offices, and go to the toilet that is furthest away (down 3 flights of stairs!) in an effort to move more at work. Walking around while you are on the phone is a good habit too. Each of these things only takes a minute extra (and Health & Safety encourage you move away from your desk regularly anyway because of RSI / eye strain etc) but all add up during the day.
    Wear a pedometer every day. I’ve sent you one, so look out for a small parcel from amazon. For the 1st 3 days, wear it and note down how many steps a day you have done (without changing your routine). Count ‘steps’ accrued during exercise like running separately. I log all mine on an excel spread sheet!
    After 3 days, calculate your average of normal steps a day (not including running etc).
    Then aim to increase it. It needs to be consistent – so choose a target that you can get to every day, and once you’re doing that, increase it again.
    Apparently 5000 steps a day is the target for ‘general health benefits’, 5000 steps a day (every day!) plus 3 lots of exercise a week is the target for ‘general health plus cardiovascular benefits and 7500 steps a day plus 4 lots of exercise a week if for everything PLUS inch loss.
    As with all things, once you get a target in your head, you will want to achieve it every day. How about a ‘daily dance’ with Olivia? 10 mins of jigging around the lounge will soon clock up lots of steps. Every time you need the loo, go to the furthest one (which will include stair climbing), every time you need to go up/down stairs, do it twice. Every time you boil the kettle, nip upstairs for something. Make all these things your normal routine and your daily steps will easily increase. You’ll be amazed at how motivating wearing a pedometer can be – I am rushing off up the stairs for pretty much no reason at all nowadays! I wore a pedometer years ago, and then stopped because I didn’t think it was perfectly accurate – but I’ve now realised, it doesn’t really matter that much. The point is, it keeps you focussed, motivated and doing something on a daily basis that will improve your health / weight loss. If it’s 5% out, I don’t really care, because it made me do twice as much as I was doing before anyway – so still a bonus.
    Go for it – it’s easy, free, and can fit into your life every day. And it works!
    Start the spread sheet as soon as you get the pedometer, and you can show me how you’re doing when we get together in a couple of weeks! 🙂

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