Back on Track

I think remaining the same weight on Thursday has spurred me into trying harder. Thanks you to all my lovely friends for their support especially those who have written me lovely long emails and comments and facebook messages with their support and tips. You know who you are.

I bumped into my friend Amanda whilst in Morrisons yesterday afternoon and was very proud of myself whilst she inspected the contents of my trolley. There was not one unhealthy item of food was in there and I was in the last aisle of the supermarket. (apart from the special K bars which I purchased for emergencies and I intend to chop them up into little pieces so they last longer).

Last night we went to a Pre-school bingo night! I took a bottle of flavored water to drink and also a bottle of wine for Simon to drink. I weakened and had a glass of wine – then we went to the pub and I had 2 x Gin and slimline tonics!!! Did I regret it this morning!!! I was so tired, did not want to get out of bed and felt really rough. I also felt like I had been smoking!! So I am going to avoid the alcohol as much as possible from now on.

At the pre-school bingo we also had fish and chips. I removed all the batter from my fish and didn’t miss it. So today I am back on track and tonight if I require any nibbles the carrot sticks will be out.

I will be going for a run tomorrow morning and intend to work hard to work off the wine and fish and chips.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. What lovely weather today! Spring is coming. Yippee.


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