Any suggestions for snacks or light meals

I feel like I am eating the same thing for lunch day in and day out. Any ideas for low calorie but filling lunches would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had a lovely roast dinner at my mums house and again I loaded on the vegetables but only had 2 potatoes. For dessert I had fruit and yoghurt while the others ate rice pudding and fruit with ice cream.

Food wise I was fine this morning but as soon as I ate my lunch it was like a trigger in my head that was saying eat, eat, eat and so I have been snacking for most of the afternoon. Im not hungry but want the taste. (This is my problem which I still have not overcome).

I did cook myself the most scrummy scrambled egg for lunch with smoked salmon. Yum Yum Yum it was so scrummy and it made a change from the crispbreads and ryvita as I stated above any ideas for filling and low calorie lunches would be appreciated.

I have been suffering with my back for the last 24 hours. I went for a run yesterday morning and then we went for a nice long walk yesterday afternoon and ever since my back has been agony. I am going to the physio on Thursday but I wish it was sooner!

I am hoping that when the weight starts to drop off, my back pain will lessen. Fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “Any suggestions for snacks or light meals

  1. Hi Charlie Brown, I am going to send you some great stuff about eating clean. You can eat a lot more than you think if you avoid processed food or anything with refined sugar. Hang on in there. X

  2. Tuna and sweet corn on celery sticks is yum. Sardines are also good with celery. Poached egg on either spinach or asparagus is good for lunch or breakfast and any snack these days tends to be fruit. Cheese is nice with nice crisp apple cut up too. These are some of my fav snacks at the mo but I’m off into hospital for an op tomorrow so will have to face hospital food for at least a week which I’m guessing is going to do lose me a pound or two 🙂 hope your back feels better x

  3. I’m not sure how you feel about black beans or hummus but if you make a wrap (whole wheat) filled with veggies and either black beans or hummus (or both!) it’s actually filling, delicious, and good for you! Wraps are my go-to when it comes to lunch. You could also try different nut butters on crackers or sandwiches or just as a dip. Nut butters are pretty healthy and very filling but not so low-calorie. You could also try quinoa. There’s so many ways to cook it and you could eat it hot or cold. Its a superfood!

    I hope this helped a little bit!

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