Should you reward yourself after a successful weigh in?

Do you go and buy yourself a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps or treat yourself to a chinese or indian takeaway after a successful weigh in?

I try not to reward myself if I loose weight at a weigh in because you are bound to have snacks or rewards throughout the week anyway.

My reward for loosing weight last week was sharing a cake with Simon. If I had rewarded myself on Thursday following the weigh in I would still probably have had the cake with Simon on Saturday too.

There are other ways of rewarding yourself for loosing weight such as treating yourself to a magazine or an item of clothing (if you have lost so much weight your clothes are beginning to get baggy). If you dont have much money reward yourself with a nice walk in the fresh air. Its tuning your brain to think that a walk is a reward. Its probably better to reward yourself with a non-food item and then you dont see food as a pat on the back. Its a bit like children – the advice is dont reward your children with chocolate or sweets but reward them with other things such as a drawing book or a day out or an extra 10 minutes of play time before bed.

Years ago when I used to go to Slimming World I remember one lady used to eat a whole (big) bar of Dairy Milk fruit and nut in one go after weighing in. She still managed to loose weight but perhaps she would have lost more if she hadnt scoffed this whole bar of chocolate.

My overall reward in about 18 months time will be my body and my health and that is a huge reward but until I get there I will reward myself with small but meaningful things when I loose weight, I will avoid rewarding myself with food though.


One thought on “Should you reward yourself after a successful weigh in?

  1. I am not a dog, so I do not reward myself with food 🙂 My reward is the number I see on the scale, and after I’ve reached my goal, I’ll treat myself to a beautiful new wardrobe.

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