I will weigh less tomorrow – thinking positive

I have had a good few days. Yesterday I did nibble in the afternoon but on healthy snacks. Today I have grazed but mainly on carrot sticks dipped in a tomato salsa. I am thinking positive that I will have lost some weight when I jump on the scales tomorrow. I did however have a glass of wine and a glass of champagne last night. It was purchased for me with the assumption of that is what I will want to drink. The good thing is I can have a glass of wine and then stop and go onto other drinks so it wasnt too painful. I did go out with the intention of not drinking at all though so was ever so slightly disappointed but I couldnt let a glass of wine and champagne go to waste.

Tonight I am having a steak with salad for tea and I cant wait to eat it and hopefully feel full so I am not tempted to graze. I have some items to put on e-bay for sale so that should keep me occupied.

On the Slimming World facebook page today, someone has submitted a post saying – “shall I go to bed for a nap or eat food?”. This is something I have often considered especially before Olivia was born. If you are trying to loose weight it is easier to go for a nap to avoid food however I have now realised that this is definitely not the answer. The best thing to do is to go for a walk or do something that takes your mind off food. Food cravings are like cigarette cravings (but worse) so you need to take your mind off the craving for a few minutes by doing something to occupy your mind like going for a walk, unloading the dishwasher, throwing a ball in the garden for the dog etc until the craving has gone away. Obviously I am saying all of this but am also trying to put these tips into practice myself. People always say its easier said than done and its so true.

Anyway wish me luck for tomorrow.


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