Half Stone Award Today

Yes, Yes, Yes Yes!!!! I lost 2.5lb this week and was awarded with my first 1/2 stone award. Finally I feel like I am on the road to getting there. I had a chat with a lady today who has lost 7 stone so I asked her for a few tips and how she managed to do it. What an inspiration. If I am aiming for 7 stone weight loss I only have 6.5 stone to go now, I am on the road to positive.

So my reward today was a 16 minute run!! No not non stop but 2 x 5 minute intervals and 2 x 3 minute intervals. I did this run on Tuesday and found it really difficult but today it was easier. By the end of next week I have to run 20 minutes non stop! I am getting there and by the summer hopefully I will be able to go for nice long runs and enjoy the weather.

We are hoping to go on holiday in May and I have 10 weeks to loose as much weight as possible before we go. So I have set myself a goal of 2lb a week weight loss over 10 weeks. So that will be 20lb in total. If I achieve this goal I will have lost 27.5lb by then which is Just under 2 stone. I will then only have another 5 stone to loose. Over a third of the way there!!!


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