Fantastic Followers

I was talking to a friend this evening and she said she was following my blog and getting tips from it. I was a little bit taken aback that people are reading my blog and so this has motivated me to try and post a blog every day (I have become a bit lapse in the last week or so). If anyone has any interesting subjects about dieting or fitness they would like me to talk about please feel free to make suggestions.

I really appreciate all the people whom are following my blog and I do hope that it is not only helping me but helping all of you in some way too. I do read all of the comments people write and I apologise if I dont reply to them all. I am sure those of you with children understand that by the time you have got the little ones into bed in the evening you are shattered and those few hours before you turn in for the night are often hectic catching up with all sorts of things you can’t do when the kids are around. I am currently trying to sell things on eBay which also takes up a lot of my time in the evenings but I really could do with the extra pennies so needs must.

I need to say a very special good luck to Amanda, Sam and Hazel whom are running a half marathon on Sunday. These lovely friends only started running just over a year ago and are now all totally hooked. I am hoping that later on this year I will be able to run with the girls instead of on my own. Good luck to you girlies. I was planning to come and cheer you on but I offered to cook dinner for the whole family for Mothers day so I think I will be tied to the oven and stressing! But I will be thinking of you and expect a text letting me know how you all did.


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