On track for more weight loss

We had a lovely weekend this weekend and I was very good food wise. I even had a delicious roast dinner yesterday – cooked by myself and Simon. We had the family round for Mothers Day and so with the stress of getting dinner ready and running around after my daughter who decided to create havoc and a total mess whilst the attention was not on her I think I burned quite a few calories. Simon made a Bread and Butter Pudding which I had to try. It was heaven and I was very good and only had a small slice of it. I still enjoyed it though and didn’t feel like I had missed out.

The food I seem to be enjoying the most at the moment is scrambled egg. I break 2 eggs and scramble them and sometimes have it on its own, or I add smoked salmon or bacon. It is delicious. I am going to do some research on eggs to find out how many I should/shouldnt eat a day/week as I am unsure at this time and if I could eat more I would.

I went for a run with my neighbour on Saturday morning and we both struggled but managed it and as usual felt fantastic afterwards.

Today I did another run – this time 3 x 5 minute intervals with 3 minutes walk in between, I found it fairly easy considering I ran in the wind and snow. At one point whist running into the wind I found I couldn’t breathe because the wind was blowing so fast! I must have looked a right idiot with my pink hat, gloves and 2 x running tops and a windproof rain coat on, but I kept warm and dry which was the main thing.

I feel like I am getting into a good routine of food and find now I am craving snacks I would never have dreamt of eating for instance – carrot sticks!!! The more the time passes the less I miss crisps. I think my wheat and gluten free crispbreads help me with that craving also.

I told them at Slimming World on Thursday (last week) that my target weight loss for this week was going to be 2lb. I am aiming to loose more than this but I have a feeling that the hormones may kick in this week so this may make a slight difference. We shall find out when I stand on those scales on Thursday!!


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