My friend the carrot

carrot-oil-painting-m[1]It seems that after years of avoiding the carrot I have become quite reliant on this vegetable over the last few weeks. I must now admit that it has become a friend of mine. It is always there when I am peckish and it helps kill the food cravings. I am slightly worried that I still cannot see in the dark though.

I never thought I would panic if there were no carrot sticks in my fridge. In fact until a few weeks ago there were never any in my fridge!!! It’s amazing how things change. In fact its amazing how much the contents of my fridge have changed.

So, I bet you are wondering what I have been nibbling on today? Yes, you guessed it: Carrot Sticks!! with a spicy tomato salsa dip.

Working at home used to be really difficult as the kitchen is so close at hand but I now think I have things under control. I have a few treat type things in the cupboard that I could grab and eat at any time but because I am so determined to loose this weight I have managed to resist. I really hope I still have this determination in a few weeks and months down the line.

Weigh in is looming and when I stand on those scales on Thursday morning I want to have lost at least another 2lb. So I will continue to munch on the carrot sticks when hunger takes over for the rest of my life.


4 thoughts on “My friend the carrot

  1. Well done you. I never was really keen on veg, but now I love it! Mainly because I roast every vegetable! Roasted broccoli is my favourite with chillis, onions, cauliflower, carrots, red pepper, garlic and anything else. I pile it on my plate and feel very satisfied! One cal spray and black pepper! Yum! Keep going…. your doing great. 🙂

  2. Well done Hun, it’s really important to find a few low cal snacks that you can splurge on when you just need to eat something – NOW! You can munch on carrots and salsa all day long without feeling guilty. They’re filling too.

  3. Roasted butternut squash is really good to have on standby. Slice in rings, then half and roast then with little salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Whatever you don’t eat immediately keep in the fridge and these can be warmed up in microwave for lunch, nice with brown rice or snacked on cold.

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