Please forgive me for I have sinned

The day before a weigh in and I have sinned!!! Oh Dear and I was so determined to loose more than 2lb this weeek.

Today I had a day off in lieu as I worked an extra day last week, the day did not go completely to plan and this afternoon I took Simon over to Oxfordshire to pick up a car and visit relatives. I was rushing around this morning and so didnt get time to eat other than my fruit and yoghurt breakfast so by the time we got in the car we were both famished. So we stopped off on the way and had lunch in Prezzo. This is where I sinned!!!!. I had spagetti carbonara (ladened with calories, wheat and gluten) for lunch with parmesan cheese grated on top!!! And….. I also shared some Olives with Simon!!!

Anyway, this was at about 2pm and not a morsel has passed my mouth since then, I have only just got home and am famished so will have a couple of crispbreads just to keep me going.

I really hope I havent put on or stayed the same weight at weigh in tomorrow but If I have then I know why.

I will be standing on those scales with tomorrow morning with my eyes shut praying that the sins of today have not punished me.



One thought on “Please forgive me for I have sinned

  1. You need to have some protein with your fruit and yoghurt breakfast, it will keep you full for much longer. Try sprinkling on a spoonful of ground flaxseeds, I find this keeps me going all the way to lunch. Always eat a good protein with everything you eat, it fills you better and helps your body deal with the sugars in fruit and grains. Keep going and don’t beat yourself up for slipping up, just find ways to prevent it in the future. X

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