Lucky Day

All day I have been thinking of what I can write in my blog today and now I am so shattered I have forgotten it all. I have just finished doing my proper work and my eyes are square from staring at a screen all day. Anyway less of the moaning.

When I went for my run today I found a £20 note on the side of the road in the mud. So I picked it up and put it in my pocket. It is now drying on the radiator. I am guessing that a cyclist put their hand in their pocket for a tissue and pulled out the note at the same time. If I had found a wallet I would have taken it to the Police Station (including any cash inside it) but I really think in this case it was finders keepers.

This weekend I have indulged slightly more than I should have. Friday night we went out for a birthday meal for Simons birthday and although I was careful I did indulge a little bit. (I did resist dessert). Saturday night we ate at home and I was good but I did have a glass of wine.

So today I have been back on track for weight loss and the carrot sticks, cucumber and celery have been out this afternoon.

Im afraid its a short blog this eveing as I need to move away from this screen.

I would however like to say a thank you to my friend Mandy today for going for a run and putting a status on facebook saying that I inspired her to do it. I am so pleased that my diet and fitness blog is inspiring others and hopefully making us less of an overweight government statistic.



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