Weigh in day is looming

The weeks seem to fly by and before you know it its Thursday again and phew am I glad. This week at work has been manic and I am so relieved that my working week is finished. I can now focus on tidying the house and spending some time with Olivia for a few days.

I am not sure what weigh in will bring tomorrow I am just hoping that I have not put on any weight. I still want to loose 4.5lb in the next 2 weeks so if I have stayed the same tomorrow or put on I will have quite a challenge ahead.

I feel like I have settled into a running routine now. On the days that I dont run I miss it and wish I was running. On a number of occassions I have been tempted to go for a run on my rest day but have decided this is probably not a good idea as I need to rest my muscles (especially as its still early days). When I am running and struggling I focus on how much weight I want to loose and this seems to spur me on. I cant wait to run when I have lost all of this weight, I have this thought in my head that I will feel as light as a feather. Currently I am carrying over 6 stone in excess weight and like my friend Sam said that is the equivalent of carrying a 6/7 year old child so surely when I have lost all this weight I will be bouncing!!

I will update you tomorrow on how weigh in went. Bye for now.


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