Another good result

Wow I still can’t quite believe that I lost 1.5lb this week. I was certain that I was going to stay the same. I have been good yet, but I have also been out for a meal for Simons birthday and had a couple of things I shouldnt really have. I guess thats why it was only 1.5lb.

So far 11lb lost so this week my focus is to loose 3lb so I can get my 1 stone weight loss award. This will be tough but I really really want to get there. Then I will only have 6 stone more to loose after that.

When you are on a diet you work out how much you would like to loose and how long it is going to take you. If I can continue loosing at the rate I have been I could loose 6 stone in a year. That would be quite an achievement and obviously once I have lost that weight I need to maintain that loss forever which will be another challenge in itself but we will cross that bridge in the future. For now I need to take each day as it comes and watch, count and be aware of everything that goes into my mouth.

After weigh in I went for my usual celebration/punishment run which today was 10 min run 3 min walk and another 10 min run. I found it quite hard today but the thought that its helping drop the pounds off me is keeping me going. I also had to stop at one point because somehow a thorn got in my trainer and was digging into my heel so I had to remove my trainer and the thorn before I could continue. Ouch!!


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