Who wants some sunshine?

Thats enough now. We have had enough of the cold, wind, snow, rain and grey skies. The sun is now required to cheer us all up and enable us to go outside without having to put a coat, scarf, gloves and hat on.

I have an icicle which keeps growing above my back door. WE have already knocked it down once but it has formed again. I am now totally paranoid about shutting the door incase it drops down and bumps me on the head. It looks pretty lethal.

We spent nearly the whole weekend in the house not wanting to venture out into the cold so I struggled with food. I just wanted to nibble all day. I did nibble all day but tried to stick to healthy nibbles like my best friend the carrot stick however they soon went because Simon and Olivia also helped me nibble on them. We did venture out for a walk through the woods and after making a few snow angels and getting her gloves wet Olivia was cold so we had to turn around and come back.

I did not go for my run on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon I was feeling rather cross with myself for not running (but also worried about slipping on the ice) however after some discussion Simon and I decided to go for a run after dropping Olivia off at my mums. So at 8pm last night we were both running round the Embankment in Bedford (there was not a soul out apart from 2 cyclists). Simon is a few weeks behind me on the training programme but he has a faster running pace so we managed to work it so we were never far away from each other and we could both hear and see each other. I managed to do a full 25 minute run and wow was I proud of myself I even had the energy to up my pace for the final minute of the run. My runs are all now full runs with no walking so I need to start building up some stamina.

Anyway hopefully we will soon get some sunshine. The clocks go forward this weekend coming so the evenings will be lighter. I really want to spend some time in my garden and make it look like a garden.

Lets all hope this cold spell (forecasted to last all of this week with the possibility of more snow over the Easter weekend) is the last for this winter and spring/summer appears soon.


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