A blip but it hasn’t stopped me from being determined

So today was weigh in day. My weight gain was 1.5lb (which is what I lost last week). Although I have upped the time I run for I also upped the amount of food I consumed last week – it was very difficult being stuck in the house with the bad weather and I think one of the contributions to this weight gain was the Pot of Olives with Feta cheese that I consumed on Sunday.
My tummy also felt very bloated and still does. I am going to try and eat a little bit more fibre to see if that helps as I don’t think I was consuming enough.

I am not angry, upset or cross that I put on this week. I have done so well over the last 4 weeks that I am bound to have the occasional blip. I was expecting to either remain the same or put on this week so it wasnt a shock.

I did however go for my Thursday morning post weigh in run and I did work harder than I normally would. I am finding the 25 minute run quite a challenge and it is difficult. 25 minutes seems like a long time when you are running on your own and today I pushed myself by upping my pace on several occasions for short bursts.

This week I will loose and I will not be eating Olives.


3 thoughts on “A blip but it hasn’t stopped me from being determined

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  2. It’s great to hear that your head is the right place Hun. Don’t wallow in the set back – pick yourself up and re-focus. Stay on track. Stick at it. You are doing great. You’ll start to see that running pay off really soon – there is nothing like it for weight loss long term, but in the short term you will find that you are adding muscle.

  3. Don’t worry about a blip, even when you’ve had a good week you can put on weight. Stay positive and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from getting closer to your goal. Good luck x

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