Loosing Motivation to run

Its funny how you become bored of the same thing quite quickly. I am really struggling with my running and I am trying to analyze why that is. I think it is for the following reasons:-
1. Now I can run for 28 mins without stopping my body is finding it harder and so its more challenging.
2. I am beating myself up about the speed I am running. I feel like I run too slowly but I have to keep reminding myself that I am 6 stone overweight and so I am having to carry this excess weight with me. This is also potentially putting a strain on my knees and other places so I need to be careful but at the same time get fit. (A colleague at work weighs 7 stone (she is tiny). I told her the other day that I needed to loose the equivalent of her in weight and she was totally gobsmacked). This made me realise that if need to loose a whole persons amount in weight I have to be in this for the long haul.
3. I need to change the route I am running on. I need to find some other running routes. The route I am running is perfect for winter but now the ground is drying out I can find some footpaths to run on.
4. I am bored of my own company. I am not sure if this is true or not – I do enjoy running on my own and have got used to it but at the same time it is nice to run with someone too.
5. Self Motivation – I am finding it very difficult to motivate myself everytime to go for a run. I do it but the battle I have in my head is huge! If I ran with someone else they would motivate me to run because otherwise I would feel like I am letting them down. On the other hand if they let me down I still need to find that self motivation to run anyway.


2 thoughts on “Loosing Motivation to run

  1. Hi, I think you’re doing really well. It’s hard running on your own but I find listening to my music and logging into runkeeper to record everything helps or if you can enter a race like 5k race for life it makes you want to train.

    Hope it helps and keep going. Xx

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