I even surprised myself

I still cant quite belive I did this!  Simon stayed over last night so I set my alarm for 5.45am, got up and went for a 30 minute run whilst Simon and Olivia were still fast asleep in their beds!! Me get up early and go for a run!!!!  I MUST BE MAD!!  Ok, so the reason I did this was because it dawned on me yesterday that unless I got up and went for my run first thing, I wasnt going to be able to fit it into my day and I might as well take advantage of Simon being here.  It was also the thought of getting it over and done with as I have been dreading this run since my last one.  So how did the run go?  I really enjoyed it!  I felt relaxed, I managed to control my breathing and loved every minute of it.  Perhaps last week was just a bad week.  I am so glad that the run went well and hopefully I can get back on track and continue to enjoy my runs.

I am now shattered and ready for bed.  So thats it for today.

Bye for now x


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