Its amazing how nice weather can perk you up

Its so nice to have a bit of warmth when you go outside. I even went outside today without a coat on!! It makes me feel so much better when the weather is nicer. I feel like I can take on more.
My run today was fantastic and I had company. Rebecca returned from walking up to Everest Base camp last week and has come back about 2 stone lighter and fit. She joined me for a run (she hasnt run since last summer) and she managed to run the whole 30 minutes with me and she made it look easy! Well done Rebecca.

I have been weighing myself on the scales (I know I shouldnt but I cant help it) and today the scales read 17stone 12!! Whoo hooo!! I know that the scales will not say that on Thursday when I weigh in but its the first time they have read that weight since I started my life change. They are going in the right direction. My body does feel slightly different – I can now bend down and touch my toes and my tummy is not as obstructive. I am aiming for the total 1 stone weight loss on Thursday. Fingers crossed.


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