Davina workout – Tick

davina_intense_300[1]After a tiring day at work and a toddler who would not go to sleep because she had had 10 minutes sleep during the day I managed a Davina workout with my lovely friend Missy. Tonight we did the Davina Intense Cardio Box workout and wow was it intense! I was very pleased to see that Missy was out of breath and sweating buckets too as she is a very fit person.

It is so difficult sometimes to motivate yourself but wow is it worth it once you have completed it.

Run tomorrow with Rebecca.
Weigh in!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Davina workout – Tick

  1. Yay! Well done Charlotte! I went to Zumba tonight after a long day at work and being up during the night with Milly – and I’m so glad I made the effort. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the exercise you’ve scheduled is just 30 or 60 minutes out of your day – that’s all!! Let me know if you fancy pole dancing on Sat 26th:)

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