A Few Months in

I am averaging approx 1lb weight loss per week. If I can keep this up for the year then thats 52lb in a year or 3 stone 7lb.  If I can achieve more weight loss than this then fantastic but I have been informed by several sources that the recommended weight loss is 2lb a week to sustain that loss.  Ok so 2lb a week would be 7 stone!!! (My target)!!  Gosh I had best get the Davina DVD out more often.

On Saturday I ran with Rebecca again and we did a different route than the normal one.  There were a few tough hills and wow did they hurt but surprisingly I wasnt too stiff the next day.  We are going to try and do a different route on our weekend runs and in a few weeks time we will try some interval training to up our pace.

This evening we booked our flights for our holiday.  You should see me I am soooo excited and I know Olivia will be when I tell her.  IT will be her first holiday abroad and she is going to be a Bridesmaid too!!  (Well we did take her to Lanzarote for a holiday just after Russell died but she was only 6 months old and can’t remember it)  I have just over 3 weeks to shift some more weight before we go and I am looking forward to the challenge of running in the heat.  (If I can’t bear the heat the hotel has a gym I can workout in).  Yippeeeeeeee.

I was so pleased to hear that my Step Daughter Eloise and her Mum (Donna) completed their first week of the Get Running training this week.  Well done Donna and Ella, we can all run the Race for Life together later in the year.

Have a good week everyone.



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