Forgive me for I have not Blogged for quite sometime

Hi Everyone and welcome back to my Blog.

I am so sorry I have not posted for a while, May and June have been rather busy and hectic.

It started with our 10 day holiday to North Cyprus, followed by my 40th Birthday and all the nights out etc and last week I ran my first 5K at a Race for Life event. Finally, I am back at my desk and back to work and back to everything including my Blog. I have been monitoring my weight and have still been exercising throughout this period of time.

So whats been happening?

What an amazing place. We stayed in 2 x hotels for 5 nights in both and wow how different they were. The first hotel was very basic but in the most stunning location on the beach and the second hotel was a luxury hotel with all the mod cons. As a bonus my friend Sarah got married and Olivia was a bridesmaid. It was a magical day on the beach and wow what a sunset!! If anyone is thinking of taking a holiday to N Cyprus I would recommend it. There are so many historical places to visit and beautiful sea views etc. I wont ramble on too much as holidays is not what this blog is about although sometimes I wish it was as I am sure most of you will agree holidays are fantastic – I love them! Diets can be rather boring and depressing!!!

My 40th Birthday

My 40th was great. I didn’t have a party or anything but I did have a few meals out with friends which was perfect. Simon is going to take me away for a long weekend for my birthday present but currently we have not decided where or when. There are few options such as Florence, Sienna, Istanbul, Carcasonne and Amsterdam to name a few!

I only went running once whilst on holiday because it was sooooo hot. I ran on the treadmill (which I havent done for about 15 years) which was fun and a killer. I managed a 20 minute run and 10 minute walk and gosh was I wobbly when I got off the treadmill!

Since my holiday I have continued to run 3 x times a week and can now run 5K in approx 40 minutes. Its slow but its 5K and I am not sitting on my fat bottom on the sofa!! I ran my first 5K race (fun run) last Sunday Race For Life (Cancer Research) and loved it. I would like to do another race now.

Ok so here is what you have all probably been waiting for

The Weight!!!
Well considering the amount of Olives and ice creams I consumed on holiday I only put on 4lb. I have been weighing in since then and I have only lost 1lb. So my current total weight loss now is 1 stone.

Getting Back on Track
After my holiday it was my birthday and so getting back into the swing of normal routine was difficult. Since returning I have managed to remain the same weight but I know I need to do more. I am still running so am keeping fit and burning calories but I seem to have got into the habit of eating between meals again – the dreaded SNACKING has returned!!

So here I am back on it and my blog is the first step to making that committment. I need to loose 6 stone in weight. I have done 1 stone so I know I can do it. I will keep you posted with my progress and will post to my blog more often.

May of you have said they havent read my blog lately and I have been ashamed to say that the reason they havent read it is because I havent written it. I am back now and promise to keep you updated.


17lb loss so far – 5 stone 11 still to go

Another 1lb off this week.  I am quite happy with that loss as I did eat a few naughty things over the weekend.

As the title of todays blog states I have lost a total of 17lb (1 stone 3lb) so far.  That is an average of just over 1lb weight loss a week which I am very happy with.  If I can do this all year that will be 52lb or 3 stone 7lb on one year.

I had a great run this morning with Rebecca and enjoyed the run whilst I was running as well as afterwards. It was rather windy but we did it and our pace was pretty good too.

Its all good.   Onwards and Upwards!!

Long time no blog

Sorry sorry sorry to those of you whom are following my blog.  I have not posted for over a week.  I dont know where the time has gone. I have been frantically selling things on e-bay trying to raise some spending money for our holiday and so by the time I have done this I have had enough of sitting at my desk and lap top!  One day I will upgrade to an ipad and life will be so much easier.

Well you will be pleased to hear that last Thursday I weighed in and lost a total of 3lb. I was as you can imagine very very happy. I also got my 1 stone weight loss award and slimmer of the week award!!!  So my total weight loss is now 17lb.  Only 5 stone and 11lb to go (i’m getting there slowly).

Last Tuesday I had a terrible run.  I only managed to run for 10 minutes and ended up power walking the rest.  So I continued as usual and did my usual run on Thursday and yes it went fine. I managed it without stopping and ran for a full 30 mins (with a few wee stops for  monty!).  On Saturday my run was fine and Mondays run was also fine so hopefully I am back on track again now.  I am noticing that my breathing seems to be holding me back and I am wheezing so I think a trip to the doctors is required to check that I am not asthmatic or something.

I have not done Davina this week as I need to fix my DVD player which seems to have gone up the swanny.  Hopefully this will be sorted out soon as I am missing my living room workout.

So – tomorrow – weigh in again.  How do I think I will do?  Hmmmmm.  I have been sensible with my eating but I did have a Mr Whippy ice-cream on bank holiday Monday with a chocolate flake in it!  I have felt guilty ever since for consuming this and so if I have remained the same or put on weight then Mr Whippy was the cause.  Its my own fault and I will know next time not to have a Mr Whippy ice-cream.  It was very nice though.

I will be going for a run in the morning and I am looking forward to it.  It is so nice to be able to run now the weather is a bit better, especially early in he morning before it gets too warm.

I will get to my 1 stone weight loss ……

Grrrrrrr.  I lost half a pound!! So I am half a pound off that 1 stone mark.   Soooo frustrating but I am not giving up and I am doing all the right things.  I am keeping a food diary so will ask someone to  take a look at it next week at Slimming World.  I am exercising 4 times a week and before I was doing nothing so surely the weight loss should be showing??

It must be something I am eating.  Yes I do have the occasional treat but I am not going to stop eating those sort of things forever  just eat them in moderation and this is a lifetime habit not just a short term thing.

I will continue what ~I am doing excercise wise and I will just have to keep an eye on what I am eating. Perhaps I am not eating enough?? i.e. my main meal?  I just don’t know.  I have stopped eating bread,  I have 1 x packet of crisps a week (compared to 3/4 packets a day which is what I used to consume), I hardly ever have pasta now. I try and eat salads, chicken, jkt potato sometimes basmati rice, fruit.  My diet is so different now compared to what it was 3 months ago and I seriously am expecting more weight loss than this especially with all the excercise I am doing.

Oh well, next week is another week and I will hit the 1 stone loss next week. Then I have to aim for my next half stone.

Bye for now.

Will I or Wont I??

Weigh in tomorrow.  Will I achieve my 1 stone loss??  (I only need to loose 1lb)

I have had three successful runs this week and did the Davina intense toning workout tonight. I havent overeaten or eaten anything I shouldnt have but I seem to be weighing heavier on the scales. I’m not sure why but lets see what the scales tell us tomorrow.

Until tomorrow………………

Can I have a moan??

I work part time because I am a single mother with a 3 year old.  I chose to take less money for less hours.  So why am I still working when it is nearly 9pm??  Yes I know I am very grateful that I have a job and a good job at that but I am only supposed to work part time!!  Grrrrr. I have a pile of washing to iron, my nails to paint before I go into the office tomorrow and loads and loads of clothes to put onto ebay so I have some spending money for my holiday. When am I going to get a chance to do all these things when I have to work every evening!!!

Ok again I have a job and sometimes it is quiet and I am bored but it seems to go from one extreme to the other.

Anyway rant over. I do like my job but I have been sitting in front of my computer since 8.30am with only 1hrs break at lunchtime where I managed to fit in a run.

The good thing is I have hardly eaten a thing today so fingers crossed for a positive weigh in on Thursday.

Sorry everyone I just needed a good old moan about the fact that I have a very good part time job which sometimes I have to work more than part time hours doing.  But I do appreciate the fact that I get paid at the end of the month and have a job.

A Few Months in

I am averaging approx 1lb weight loss per week. If I can keep this up for the year then thats 52lb in a year or 3 stone 7lb.  If I can achieve more weight loss than this then fantastic but I have been informed by several sources that the recommended weight loss is 2lb a week to sustain that loss.  Ok so 2lb a week would be 7 stone!!! (My target)!!  Gosh I had best get the Davina DVD out more often.

On Saturday I ran with Rebecca again and we did a different route than the normal one.  There were a few tough hills and wow did they hurt but surprisingly I wasnt too stiff the next day.  We are going to try and do a different route on our weekend runs and in a few weeks time we will try some interval training to up our pace.

This evening we booked our flights for our holiday.  You should see me I am soooo excited and I know Olivia will be when I tell her.  IT will be her first holiday abroad and she is going to be a Bridesmaid too!!  (Well we did take her to Lanzarote for a holiday just after Russell died but she was only 6 months old and can’t remember it)  I have just over 3 weeks to shift some more weight before we go and I am looking forward to the challenge of running in the heat.  (If I can’t bear the heat the hotel has a gym I can workout in).  Yippeeeeeeee.

I was so pleased to hear that my Step Daughter Eloise and her Mum (Donna) completed their first week of the Get Running training this week.  Well done Donna and Ella, we can all run the Race for Life together later in the year.

Have a good week everyone.