Nearly there but not quite

1.5lb loss this week.  Still 1lb to loose to get my 1 stone loss.  Soooo frustrating. I did however get an award today for regular exercise for over 4 x weeks continuous.


Davina workout – Tick

davina_intense_300[1]After a tiring day at work and a toddler who would not go to sleep because she had had 10 minutes sleep during the day I managed a Davina workout with my lovely friend Missy. Tonight we did the Davina Intense Cardio Box workout and wow was it intense! I was very pleased to see that Missy was out of breath and sweating buckets too as she is a very fit person.

It is so difficult sometimes to motivate yourself but wow is it worth it once you have completed it.

Run tomorrow with Rebecca.
Weigh in!!!!!

Its amazing how nice weather can perk you up

Its so nice to have a bit of warmth when you go outside. I even went outside today without a coat on!! It makes me feel so much better when the weather is nicer. I feel like I can take on more.
My run today was fantastic and I had company. Rebecca returned from walking up to Everest Base camp last week and has come back about 2 stone lighter and fit. She joined me for a run (she hasnt run since last summer) and she managed to run the whole 30 minutes with me and she made it look easy! Well done Rebecca.

I have been weighing myself on the scales (I know I shouldnt but I cant help it) and today the scales read 17stone 12!! Whoo hooo!! I know that the scales will not say that on Thursday when I weigh in but its the first time they have read that weight since I started my life change. They are going in the right direction. My body does feel slightly different – I can now bend down and touch my toes and my tummy is not as obstructive. I am aiming for the total 1 stone weight loss on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Good but could/should have been better

Thursdays weigh in resulted in a 1lb loss. I was disappointed as I had been watching what I ate (using the app) and I also exercised 6 out of the 7 days. Not sure why I only lost 1lb and was hoping for 2-3lb loss but hey ho. I will have to try and loose that next week now instead. One possibility is that it is hormone related. Another is that perhaps I need to cut down on the amount I am consuming. I will just have to see how next weeks weigh in goes.

Have a great weekend everyone. If you are overweight think about everything you put in your mouth. Eat it if you wish but remember that a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!!

There must be something wrong with me!

So today was a great day at work until I got home and took a phone call from a work colleague with some news which (I shall say it politely) put me into a bad mood. I had every intention from the minute I woke up this morning to do a Davina workout when I got home. After this phone call I felt pretty flat and all motivation had gone. Then somewhere out of the blue I found the inner me making me continue with my intentions and YES I DID IT!!! I did a 10 minute warm up, a killer Fat Burning 30 minute session with Davina and a 10 minute cool down and stretch.

There must be something wrong with me. I ran on Sat, Swam on Sun, did a power walk on Mon, Ran Tues (at 6am) and Davina tonight. I have exercised for 5 days in a row. I have not done that since I was at school and in the 1st 8 rowing team!!

I feel great for it – still not happy about work – but that’s my own fault, I messed up and am cross with myself Grrr. Anyway you learn from your mistakes and people don’t get to the top without making mistakes along the way.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I really want to hit the 1 stone weight loss tomorrow but think I am going to be about 1lb off of this. We shall see. Watch this space……….

Until tomorrow …………..

I even surprised myself

I still cant quite belive I did this!  Simon stayed over last night so I set my alarm for 5.45am, got up and went for a 30 minute run whilst Simon and Olivia were still fast asleep in their beds!! Me get up early and go for a run!!!!  I MUST BE MAD!!  Ok, so the reason I did this was because it dawned on me yesterday that unless I got up and went for my run first thing, I wasnt going to be able to fit it into my day and I might as well take advantage of Simon being here.  It was also the thought of getting it over and done with as I have been dreading this run since my last one.  So how did the run go?  I really enjoyed it!  I felt relaxed, I managed to control my breathing and loved every minute of it.  Perhaps last week was just a bad week.  I am so glad that the run went well and hopefully I can get back on track and continue to enjoy my runs.

I am now shattered and ready for bed.  So thats it for today.

Bye for now x

In this for the long term but its tough

Old%20Warden%20photo[1]My New Forms of Exercise – Davina and Swimming

My Davina DVD is on order and my dumbbells are ready for use.

Swimming This weekend I went swimming. I swam 500 metres and really pushed myself. A couple of hours after the swim I could really feel the muscles tightening and today I feel rather stiff in places I havent felt stiff in before (after running). I even overtook people in the pool so was quite pleased with myself and I also managed to get my heart rate pumping. We have decided we are going to try and go swimming every weekend so Olivia gets time in the water (which she loves) and Simon and I can both get a workout (taking turns at looking after Olivia). I felt so good afterwards for doing it.

The swimming did boost me a little as I feel so de-motivated at the moment with my running. My next run is tomorrow and it is for 30 minutes (my first 30 minutes). I am now on week 9 of the programme which is the last week. Once I have completed this week I will need to find a new App to help me on my runs. I did really like this app as it told you when you had completed every 5 minutes of the run which kept me going especially when you knew you were over halfway etc. I was considering doing an interval training app to increase my pace but after mulling this over in my head for several weeks I think I might be running before I can walk if you know what I mean. So perhaps I should leave the interval training for a few more weeks and wait until I have lost a bit more weight.

Yesterday afternoon we visited Simon’s gym so I could have a look around and to discuss membership options. After studying the classes they do and the days they do them on which are suitable for me to attend (i.e. when I don’t have Olivia and am not working) we came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t get my moneys worth out of the membership. It’s a shame because there are some classes I would love to do but they would be impossible for me to attend. Plus they didn’t have a crèche so school holidays would be right out of the question. Perhaps when Olivia starts school in September I can review it all again and see if I can fit in more workouts and get my moneys worth.

I managed to fit a walk in today with Monty through the village. I power walked for half an hour – got out of breath and broke into a sweat. I feel like I have achieved something by doing this and hopefully burned off a few more calories. Every little helps.

Monitoring my food consumption and weight
As well as attending Slimming World where I have to do the humiliating thing of standing on the scales on a weekly basis to be told I have lost or gained weight (mostly lost I am pleased to say). I have started using the My Fitness Pal App on my iPod. On this App I can log everything I consume (nearly every food item is on the list and it includes all the calories, fat, carbs etc so you can log exactly what you are consuming. You input your weight, height etc into the app and it calculates the amount of recommended calories you should be consuming on a daily basis so you can then log what you eat as or before you eat it so you know exactly how many calories you are having. You can also log your workouts and it will tell you how many calories you have burnt. At the end of the day you submit your diary and it will tell you what your estimated weight would be in 5 x weeks time based on your consumption of food (workouts etc) you have carried out. It also tells you if you are eating too much or not enough. I will use this diary from now on so I can keep a record of what I am eating and work out what I shouldnt be eating. The app also works out total sugar, carbs etc for the whole day so you can see what you are eating too much of or not enough of, this should help me check to see if I am consuming enough fibre.

Some of you may be thinking why do I go to Slimming World when I can weigh myself at home and know what I should and shouldnt eat? (why waste my money). Well I think the humiliation of standing on the scales in public once a week makes you focus on loosing the weight as if you have lost you can celebrate your loss with the others in the group. Also if you have gained or not lost anything you have people there who understand what you are going through and make you see it in a positive way so you dont give up. Sometimes when you do not loose it is heartbreaking and you just want to give it all up. The other people there make you see why it is important to keep going and how a small loss in one week is nothing compared to the bigger picture.

I thought that loosing weight and getting fitter would make me less tired. However it seems to be having the opposite effect. I feel so tired. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and am out like a light when I go to bed at night. Why? I also feel tired during the day even when I have been exercising.