I will get to my 1 stone weight loss ……

Grrrrrrr.  I lost half a pound!! So I am half a pound off that 1 stone mark.   Soooo frustrating but I am not giving up and I am doing all the right things.  I am keeping a food diary so will ask someone to  take a look at it next week at Slimming World.  I am exercising 4 times a week and before I was doing nothing so surely the weight loss should be showing??

It must be something I am eating.  Yes I do have the occasional treat but I am not going to stop eating those sort of things forever  just eat them in moderation and this is a lifetime habit not just a short term thing.

I will continue what ~I am doing excercise wise and I will just have to keep an eye on what I am eating. Perhaps I am not eating enough?? i.e. my main meal?  I just don’t know.  I have stopped eating bread,  I have 1 x packet of crisps a week (compared to 3/4 packets a day which is what I used to consume), I hardly ever have pasta now. I try and eat salads, chicken, jkt potato sometimes basmati rice, fruit.  My diet is so different now compared to what it was 3 months ago and I seriously am expecting more weight loss than this especially with all the excercise I am doing.

Oh well, next week is another week and I will hit the 1 stone loss next week. Then I have to aim for my next half stone.

Bye for now.


Should you reward yourself after a successful weigh in?

Do you go and buy yourself a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps or treat yourself to a chinese or indian takeaway after a successful weigh in?

I try not to reward myself if I loose weight at a weigh in because you are bound to have snacks or rewards throughout the week anyway.

My reward for loosing weight last week was sharing a cake with Simon. If I had rewarded myself on Thursday following the weigh in I would still probably have had the cake with Simon on Saturday too.

There are other ways of rewarding yourself for loosing weight such as treating yourself to a magazine or an item of clothing (if you have lost so much weight your clothes are beginning to get baggy). If you dont have much money reward yourself with a nice walk in the fresh air. Its tuning your brain to think that a walk is a reward. Its probably better to reward yourself with a non-food item and then you dont see food as a pat on the back. Its a bit like children – the advice is dont reward your children with chocolate or sweets but reward them with other things such as a drawing book or a day out or an extra 10 minutes of play time before bed.

Years ago when I used to go to Slimming World I remember one lady used to eat a whole (big) bar of Dairy Milk fruit and nut in one go after weighing in. She still managed to loose weight but perhaps she would have lost more if she hadnt scoffed this whole bar of chocolate.

My overall reward in about 18 months time will be my body and my health and that is a huge reward but until I get there I will reward myself with small but meaningful things when I loose weight, I will avoid rewarding myself with food though.

The Countdown begins

So its Tuesday night and the countdown begins for weigh in on Thurs morning.

Today I weighed myself before my run and I weighed xx stone and 10lb when I got back from my run I had some lunch and then weighed myself again and I weighed 4lb less!!! How does that work?? My weight does seem to fluctuate by 4lb. Has anyone else noticed that their weight fluctuates in a similar way?

So anyway back to the countdown. I am finding I am getting into a sort of eating routine/habit (whatever you want to call it) and so for each new day the crisps seem more of a distant memory. I got paid today so did my large food shop and I didnt even walk down the crisp or chocolate aisle. I am so proud of myself for avoiding those two aisles as they are so tempting. I try not to think about the relationship I had with crips because if I do, I start missing them; especially Walkers chilli sensations!!

If I can keep this routine up for the rest of my life I will be sorted and slim.

I am getting used to this diet

I am starting to get used to not eating between meals and now when I am hungry I think about what flavour Muller light to have rather than what crisps are in the cupboard. Hopefully my state of mind is changing towards food. I know it will take me several weeks (or even months) to totally change my mind set but I feel that I am on the right track and every day seems to get a little bit easier. I guess the scales will be the proof in that.

Diet wise, this weekend went really well. I didnt go out in the evenings which helps as then the temptations of other food and drink is not there.

On Saturday we went to the Zoo. It was very very cold and apart from sharing a cake with Simon in the coffee shop I was very good. I also let him have the bigger bit of cake with more icing on!!! We took a picnic with us and ate it in the car with the heaters on. Olivia had sandwiches, crisps and fruit and Simon and I took a packet of smoked salmon, a lemon and crispbreads and Ryvita and ate that. Olivia even offered me some of her crisps and I said NO!!!

Saturday evening Simon went out so I had a really juicy Steak with Slimming World homemade chips (syn free) with salad. It was scrummy and I was so full afterwards I did not feel the need to snack on anything at all.

On Sunday we stayed at home and cooked another Hairy Bikers recipie: Old Fashioned Chicken casserole for our dinner. We all had porridge for breakfast (though I am still struggling to enjoy this and prefer the fruit with yoghurt).

I must confess on Sunday night I was a bit down in the dumps and was also on my own so scoffed approx 50grams of butterkist sweet popcorn. I do hope this isnt going to come back and haunt me when I get on the scales on Thursday.

Today I have been very very good so hopefully I have made up for this popcorn scoffing episode.

After today I have 2 full days to go until my next weigh in. What will the scales be telling me this week? I am determined to get my 1/2 stone award this week so need to have lost at least 2lb.

I hope you all had nice weekends.