I will get to my 1 stone weight loss ……

Grrrrrrr.  I lost half a pound!! So I am half a pound off that 1 stone mark.   Soooo frustrating but I am not giving up and I am doing all the right things.  I am keeping a food diary so will ask someone to  take a look at it next week at Slimming World.  I am exercising 4 times a week and before I was doing nothing so surely the weight loss should be showing??

It must be something I am eating.  Yes I do have the occasional treat but I am not going to stop eating those sort of things forever  just eat them in moderation and this is a lifetime habit not just a short term thing.

I will continue what ~I am doing excercise wise and I will just have to keep an eye on what I am eating. Perhaps I am not eating enough?? i.e. my main meal?  I just don’t know.  I have stopped eating bread,  I have 1 x packet of crisps a week (compared to 3/4 packets a day which is what I used to consume), I hardly ever have pasta now. I try and eat salads, chicken, jkt potato sometimes basmati rice, fruit.  My diet is so different now compared to what it was 3 months ago and I seriously am expecting more weight loss than this especially with all the excercise I am doing.

Oh well, next week is another week and I will hit the 1 stone loss next week. Then I have to aim for my next half stone.

Bye for now.


Thursdays Weigh in Verdict

I stayed exactly the same weight as the week before. Yes I know what a let down. But on the positive side it is making me even more determined. I have already lost some weight so I know I can do it. I am doing the running and am pretty sure I am doing everything right. Maybe the popcorn I ate and the cake I shared with Simon last week were the things that stopped me loosing. The thing is I need the occassional naughty thing surely?

Well I went to this great place this morning called Double Vision for a fee consultation. It is a gym / fitness centre specialising in people who want to loose weight and you can have personal training. They also monitor your weight and you have one session a week talking about your diet etc. It looked and sounded great and the fact that I saw a friend in the gym when I was there made it even more appealing. For the first month you dont pay a penny unless you loose 7lb of Fat (not weight but Fat) if you loose that 7lb of fat you pay £267 and then its approx £240 a month thereafter. You can go as often as you like and for that you have a personal trainer each time you attend. I would so love to do it and I think I would really enjoy it and yes there is a but. I live off £260 a month for my food, clothes socialising etc so I cannot afford to do it. Its such a shame because I really liked the look and sound of it and the nice thing was not all the people in the gym were slim and so I didnt feel out of place and it would have been a good place to be to talk with like minded people with similar challenges. The other challenge I have is fitting my excercise in with work and Olivia. I can only go when I dont have Olivia and that is not very often. If I purchased some weights etc to use at home I have no where to store them. I just dont know. Everything costs money and it gets me down so much.

Anyway I do need to find another form of fitness other than running. I can start the pilates next week on a Thursday but I feel that I need to do more than that too but when and how? I cant afford to pay money for everything. That is the good thing about the running – its free (well its free if I can fit it around Olivia) Sometimes if I have Olivia I do have to pay for childcare which does end up costing quite a lot of money over the course of a month but I really feel that I need to do another form of excercise too.

What shall I do???