17lb loss so far – 5 stone 11 still to go

Another 1lb off this week.  I am quite happy with that loss as I did eat a few naughty things over the weekend.

As the title of todays blog states I have lost a total of 17lb (1 stone 3lb) so far.  That is an average of just over 1lb weight loss a week which I am very happy with.  If I can do this all year that will be 52lb or 3 stone 7lb on one year.

I had a great run this morning with Rebecca and enjoyed the run whilst I was running as well as afterwards. It was rather windy but we did it and our pace was pretty good too.

Its all good.   Onwards and Upwards!!


In this for the long term but its tough

Old%20Warden%20photo[1]My New Forms of Exercise – Davina and Swimming

My Davina DVD is on order and my dumbbells are ready for use.

Swimming This weekend I went swimming. I swam 500 metres and really pushed myself. A couple of hours after the swim I could really feel the muscles tightening and today I feel rather stiff in places I havent felt stiff in before (after running). I even overtook people in the pool so was quite pleased with myself and I also managed to get my heart rate pumping. We have decided we are going to try and go swimming every weekend so Olivia gets time in the water (which she loves) and Simon and I can both get a workout (taking turns at looking after Olivia). I felt so good afterwards for doing it.

The swimming did boost me a little as I feel so de-motivated at the moment with my running. My next run is tomorrow and it is for 30 minutes (my first 30 minutes). I am now on week 9 of the programme which is the last week. Once I have completed this week I will need to find a new App to help me on my runs. I did really like this app as it told you when you had completed every 5 minutes of the run which kept me going especially when you knew you were over halfway etc. I was considering doing an interval training app to increase my pace but after mulling this over in my head for several weeks I think I might be running before I can walk if you know what I mean. So perhaps I should leave the interval training for a few more weeks and wait until I have lost a bit more weight.

Yesterday afternoon we visited Simon’s gym so I could have a look around and to discuss membership options. After studying the classes they do and the days they do them on which are suitable for me to attend (i.e. when I don’t have Olivia and am not working) we came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t get my moneys worth out of the membership. It’s a shame because there are some classes I would love to do but they would be impossible for me to attend. Plus they didn’t have a crèche so school holidays would be right out of the question. Perhaps when Olivia starts school in September I can review it all again and see if I can fit in more workouts and get my moneys worth.

I managed to fit a walk in today with Monty through the village. I power walked for half an hour – got out of breath and broke into a sweat. I feel like I have achieved something by doing this and hopefully burned off a few more calories. Every little helps.

Monitoring my food consumption and weight
As well as attending Slimming World where I have to do the humiliating thing of standing on the scales on a weekly basis to be told I have lost or gained weight (mostly lost I am pleased to say). I have started using the My Fitness Pal App on my iPod. On this App I can log everything I consume (nearly every food item is on the list and it includes all the calories, fat, carbs etc so you can log exactly what you are consuming. You input your weight, height etc into the app and it calculates the amount of recommended calories you should be consuming on a daily basis so you can then log what you eat as or before you eat it so you know exactly how many calories you are having. You can also log your workouts and it will tell you how many calories you have burnt. At the end of the day you submit your diary and it will tell you what your estimated weight would be in 5 x weeks time based on your consumption of food (workouts etc) you have carried out. It also tells you if you are eating too much or not enough. I will use this diary from now on so I can keep a record of what I am eating and work out what I shouldnt be eating. The app also works out total sugar, carbs etc for the whole day so you can see what you are eating too much of or not enough of, this should help me check to see if I am consuming enough fibre.

Some of you may be thinking why do I go to Slimming World when I can weigh myself at home and know what I should and shouldnt eat? (why waste my money). Well I think the humiliation of standing on the scales in public once a week makes you focus on loosing the weight as if you have lost you can celebrate your loss with the others in the group. Also if you have gained or not lost anything you have people there who understand what you are going through and make you see it in a positive way so you dont give up. Sometimes when you do not loose it is heartbreaking and you just want to give it all up. The other people there make you see why it is important to keep going and how a small loss in one week is nothing compared to the bigger picture.

I thought that loosing weight and getting fitter would make me less tired. However it seems to be having the opposite effect. I feel so tired. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and am out like a light when I go to bed at night. Why? I also feel tired during the day even when I have been exercising.

Loosing Motivation to run

Its funny how you become bored of the same thing quite quickly. I am really struggling with my running and I am trying to analyze why that is. I think it is for the following reasons:-
1. Now I can run for 28 mins without stopping my body is finding it harder and so its more challenging.
2. I am beating myself up about the speed I am running. I feel like I run too slowly but I have to keep reminding myself that I am 6 stone overweight and so I am having to carry this excess weight with me. This is also potentially putting a strain on my knees and other places so I need to be careful but at the same time get fit. (A colleague at work weighs 7 stone (she is tiny). I told her the other day that I needed to loose the equivalent of her in weight and she was totally gobsmacked). This made me realise that if need to loose a whole persons amount in weight I have to be in this for the long haul.
3. I need to change the route I am running on. I need to find some other running routes. The route I am running is perfect for winter but now the ground is drying out I can find some footpaths to run on.
4. I am bored of my own company. I am not sure if this is true or not – I do enjoy running on my own and have got used to it but at the same time it is nice to run with someone too.
5. Self Motivation – I am finding it very difficult to motivate myself everytime to go for a run. I do it but the battle I have in my head is huge! If I ran with someone else they would motivate me to run because otherwise I would feel like I am letting them down. On the other hand if they let me down I still need to find that self motivation to run anyway.

Where has the last week gone?

I can’t believe that I havent posted to the blog since last Thursday. Where did the week go?

Last weekend was Easter weekend and we did eat out quite a lot and also had a night away at Simons brothers house. I was careful about what I ate but there were a few things which I did consume that maybe I shouldnt have however this always shows on the scales so there is no point in me keeping it a secret.

At the restaurants we ate at I chose my menu selections carefully and mostly had fish or fish meze dishes. At Simons brothers we had Chicken Fajitas for dinner – all the ingredients were home made even the marinade on the chicken. I did however eat a small bowl of sherry trifle for dessert and then consumed some popcorn whilst watching Skyfall on his brothers big cinema screen. The boys ate 2 x mini magnum ice creams each!!! So I felt rather good with myself for saying No.

My running is now up to 28 minutes however I am feeling really fed up with the running and am struggling to motivate myself before a run. Today the run was tough, not only was it very cold and windy but I had a slight pain in my left leg (it might be shin splints but im not sure as never had them before). I did manage to complete the run but I really didn’t enjoy it and was bored!!

The good news is I did loose 1lb at weigh in today, not fantastic but a loss so I am pleased with this. Next week I really want to get a bigger loss and I know what I need to do. Luckily we are not going out this weekend coming so it should be slightly easier to achieve a bigger loss.

I have ordered a Davina DVD and have purchased some small hand weights so I can excercise at home in the evenings. My aim is to do this on most evenings during the week.

My running partner is back from holiday this weekend and I am hoping she will get back into it (she hasn’t been for over 3 weeks), it will be so much nicer to run with someone else for at least one run a week.

Simon has started his triathlon training so we have a little competition going on between the two of us. He is still about 3 weeks behind me on the running plan but I am sure he will soon catch up as I am struggling with mine at the moment. I know I need to go faster but as soon as I up my speed I get really out of breath. I need to find a good interval training app for my ipod so it will tell me when to run fast and when to slow down, then at least I will be getting some guidance. My ultimate would be to join a running club but being a single parent means paying for a babysitter every time I go which will cost a lot of money and also most of the clubs start at 7pm which is Olivia’s bed time and I can’t expect a babysitter to put her to bed twice a week, it’s not fair on the sitter or Olivia.

I am going to persevere with the running as I am determined to get fit and at some point enter a 5K run and even a 10k one.

Hardly eaten a thing but feel bloated!

I went to bed last night feeling very bloated. I am not sure why as I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. I did have a chicken curry at my mums with rice so perhaps there was an ingredient in this which has bloated me, it was rather filling and I couldn’t eat it all but I was hoping that was because my tummy is shrinking!!

This morning after a great nights sleep (a full 8 hours) I was feeling fresh and bright and breezy and ready to tackle what the day threw at me. By 9am I had completed a full 25 minute run (with no walking) and was sitting at my desk ready to do a days work. I was very proud of myself and really pleased that I managed a full 25 minutes without stopping for the 2nd time this week. It was difficult and the thought of stopping did go through my head on several occasions but I managed to fight the thoughts by focusing on the weight I want to loose and how much weight I need to loose. My fellow runner is now on holiday for 2 x weeks so I will be running on my own for at least 2 more weeks. She has promised me that when she returns she will be focusing on her running and will come out with me which will be nice. I am getting used to running on my own but it is so much nicer to run with someone else.

Tonight is countdown to Thursdays weigh in and so the next 30+ hours I will be focusing on eating the right foods and not nibbling on any junk (not that I have been anyway). I have been good this week but feel in myself like a porker. I feel boated and heavy (even on the run today I felt heavy). I don’t know the reason for this but it will be interesting to log this and keep an eye on when it occurs. Perhaps my tummy is getting used to the lower amounts of food and so when I eat it feels full? I really dont know.

Weigh in day is looming

The weeks seem to fly by and before you know it its Thursday again and phew am I glad. This week at work has been manic and I am so relieved that my working week is finished. I can now focus on tidying the house and spending some time with Olivia for a few days.

I am not sure what weigh in will bring tomorrow I am just hoping that I have not put on any weight. I still want to loose 4.5lb in the next 2 weeks so if I have stayed the same tomorrow or put on I will have quite a challenge ahead.

I feel like I have settled into a running routine now. On the days that I dont run I miss it and wish I was running. On a number of occassions I have been tempted to go for a run on my rest day but have decided this is probably not a good idea as I need to rest my muscles (especially as its still early days). When I am running and struggling I focus on how much weight I want to loose and this seems to spur me on. I cant wait to run when I have lost all of this weight, I have this thought in my head that I will feel as light as a feather. Currently I am carrying over 6 stone in excess weight and like my friend Sam said that is the equivalent of carrying a 6/7 year old child so surely when I have lost all this weight I will be bouncing!!

I will update you tomorrow on how weigh in went. Bye for now.

Fantastic Followers

I was talking to a friend this evening and she said she was following my blog and getting tips from it. I was a little bit taken aback that people are reading my blog and so this has motivated me to try and post a blog every day (I have become a bit lapse in the last week or so). If anyone has any interesting subjects about dieting or fitness they would like me to talk about please feel free to make suggestions.

I really appreciate all the people whom are following my blog and I do hope that it is not only helping me but helping all of you in some way too. I do read all of the comments people write and I apologise if I dont reply to them all. I am sure those of you with children understand that by the time you have got the little ones into bed in the evening you are shattered and those few hours before you turn in for the night are often hectic catching up with all sorts of things you can’t do when the kids are around. I am currently trying to sell things on eBay which also takes up a lot of my time in the evenings but I really could do with the extra pennies so needs must.

I need to say a very special good luck to Amanda, Sam and Hazel whom are running a half marathon on Sunday. These lovely friends only started running just over a year ago and are now all totally hooked. I am hoping that later on this year I will be able to run with the girls instead of on my own. Good luck to you girlies. I was planning to come and cheer you on but I offered to cook dinner for the whole family for Mothers day so I think I will be tied to the oven and stressing! But I will be thinking of you and expect a text letting me know how you all did.