I will get to my 1 stone weight loss ……

Grrrrrrr.  I lost half a pound!! So I am half a pound off that 1 stone mark.   Soooo frustrating but I am not giving up and I am doing all the right things.  I am keeping a food diary so will ask someone to  take a look at it next week at Slimming World.  I am exercising 4 times a week and before I was doing nothing so surely the weight loss should be showing??

It must be something I am eating.  Yes I do have the occasional treat but I am not going to stop eating those sort of things forever  just eat them in moderation and this is a lifetime habit not just a short term thing.

I will continue what ~I am doing excercise wise and I will just have to keep an eye on what I am eating. Perhaps I am not eating enough?? i.e. my main meal?  I just don’t know.  I have stopped eating bread,  I have 1 x packet of crisps a week (compared to 3/4 packets a day which is what I used to consume), I hardly ever have pasta now. I try and eat salads, chicken, jkt potato sometimes basmati rice, fruit.  My diet is so different now compared to what it was 3 months ago and I seriously am expecting more weight loss than this especially with all the excercise I am doing.

Oh well, next week is another week and I will hit the 1 stone loss next week. Then I have to aim for my next half stone.

Bye for now.


In this for the long term but its tough

Old%20Warden%20photo[1]My New Forms of Exercise – Davina and Swimming

My Davina DVD is on order and my dumbbells are ready for use.

Swimming This weekend I went swimming. I swam 500 metres and really pushed myself. A couple of hours after the swim I could really feel the muscles tightening and today I feel rather stiff in places I havent felt stiff in before (after running). I even overtook people in the pool so was quite pleased with myself and I also managed to get my heart rate pumping. We have decided we are going to try and go swimming every weekend so Olivia gets time in the water (which she loves) and Simon and I can both get a workout (taking turns at looking after Olivia). I felt so good afterwards for doing it.

The swimming did boost me a little as I feel so de-motivated at the moment with my running. My next run is tomorrow and it is for 30 minutes (my first 30 minutes). I am now on week 9 of the programme which is the last week. Once I have completed this week I will need to find a new App to help me on my runs. I did really like this app as it told you when you had completed every 5 minutes of the run which kept me going especially when you knew you were over halfway etc. I was considering doing an interval training app to increase my pace but after mulling this over in my head for several weeks I think I might be running before I can walk if you know what I mean. So perhaps I should leave the interval training for a few more weeks and wait until I have lost a bit more weight.

Yesterday afternoon we visited Simon’s gym so I could have a look around and to discuss membership options. After studying the classes they do and the days they do them on which are suitable for me to attend (i.e. when I don’t have Olivia and am not working) we came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t get my moneys worth out of the membership. It’s a shame because there are some classes I would love to do but they would be impossible for me to attend. Plus they didn’t have a crèche so school holidays would be right out of the question. Perhaps when Olivia starts school in September I can review it all again and see if I can fit in more workouts and get my moneys worth.

I managed to fit a walk in today with Monty through the village. I power walked for half an hour – got out of breath and broke into a sweat. I feel like I have achieved something by doing this and hopefully burned off a few more calories. Every little helps.

Monitoring my food consumption and weight
As well as attending Slimming World where I have to do the humiliating thing of standing on the scales on a weekly basis to be told I have lost or gained weight (mostly lost I am pleased to say). I have started using the My Fitness Pal App on my iPod. On this App I can log everything I consume (nearly every food item is on the list and it includes all the calories, fat, carbs etc so you can log exactly what you are consuming. You input your weight, height etc into the app and it calculates the amount of recommended calories you should be consuming on a daily basis so you can then log what you eat as or before you eat it so you know exactly how many calories you are having. You can also log your workouts and it will tell you how many calories you have burnt. At the end of the day you submit your diary and it will tell you what your estimated weight would be in 5 x weeks time based on your consumption of food (workouts etc) you have carried out. It also tells you if you are eating too much or not enough. I will use this diary from now on so I can keep a record of what I am eating and work out what I shouldnt be eating. The app also works out total sugar, carbs etc for the whole day so you can see what you are eating too much of or not enough of, this should help me check to see if I am consuming enough fibre.

Some of you may be thinking why do I go to Slimming World when I can weigh myself at home and know what I should and shouldnt eat? (why waste my money). Well I think the humiliation of standing on the scales in public once a week makes you focus on loosing the weight as if you have lost you can celebrate your loss with the others in the group. Also if you have gained or not lost anything you have people there who understand what you are going through and make you see it in a positive way so you dont give up. Sometimes when you do not loose it is heartbreaking and you just want to give it all up. The other people there make you see why it is important to keep going and how a small loss in one week is nothing compared to the bigger picture.

I thought that loosing weight and getting fitter would make me less tired. However it seems to be having the opposite effect. I feel so tired. I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and am out like a light when I go to bed at night. Why? I also feel tired during the day even when I have been exercising.

I will weigh less tomorrow – thinking positive

I have had a good few days. Yesterday I did nibble in the afternoon but on healthy snacks. Today I have grazed but mainly on carrot sticks dipped in a tomato salsa. I am thinking positive that I will have lost some weight when I jump on the scales tomorrow. I did however have a glass of wine and a glass of champagne last night. It was purchased for me with the assumption of that is what I will want to drink. The good thing is I can have a glass of wine and then stop and go onto other drinks so it wasnt too painful. I did go out with the intention of not drinking at all though so was ever so slightly disappointed but I couldnt let a glass of wine and champagne go to waste.

Tonight I am having a steak with salad for tea and I cant wait to eat it and hopefully feel full so I am not tempted to graze. I have some items to put on e-bay for sale so that should keep me occupied.

On the Slimming World facebook page today, someone has submitted a post saying – “shall I go to bed for a nap or eat food?”. This is something I have often considered especially before Olivia was born. If you are trying to loose weight it is easier to go for a nap to avoid food however I have now realised that this is definitely not the answer. The best thing to do is to go for a walk or do something that takes your mind off food. Food cravings are like cigarette cravings (but worse) so you need to take your mind off the craving for a few minutes by doing something to occupy your mind like going for a walk, unloading the dishwasher, throwing a ball in the garden for the dog etc until the craving has gone away. Obviously I am saying all of this but am also trying to put these tips into practice myself. People always say its easier said than done and its so true.

Anyway wish me luck for tomorrow.

I am getting used to this diet

I am starting to get used to not eating between meals and now when I am hungry I think about what flavour Muller light to have rather than what crisps are in the cupboard. Hopefully my state of mind is changing towards food. I know it will take me several weeks (or even months) to totally change my mind set but I feel that I am on the right track and every day seems to get a little bit easier. I guess the scales will be the proof in that.

Diet wise, this weekend went really well. I didnt go out in the evenings which helps as then the temptations of other food and drink is not there.

On Saturday we went to the Zoo. It was very very cold and apart from sharing a cake with Simon in the coffee shop I was very good. I also let him have the bigger bit of cake with more icing on!!! We took a picnic with us and ate it in the car with the heaters on. Olivia had sandwiches, crisps and fruit and Simon and I took a packet of smoked salmon, a lemon and crispbreads and Ryvita and ate that. Olivia even offered me some of her crisps and I said NO!!!

Saturday evening Simon went out so I had a really juicy Steak with Slimming World homemade chips (syn free) with salad. It was scrummy and I was so full afterwards I did not feel the need to snack on anything at all.

On Sunday we stayed at home and cooked another Hairy Bikers recipie: Old Fashioned Chicken casserole for our dinner. We all had porridge for breakfast (though I am still struggling to enjoy this and prefer the fruit with yoghurt).

I must confess on Sunday night I was a bit down in the dumps and was also on my own so scoffed approx 50grams of butterkist sweet popcorn. I do hope this isnt going to come back and haunt me when I get on the scales on Thursday.

Today I have been very very good so hopefully I have made up for this popcorn scoffing episode.

After today I have 2 full days to go until my next weigh in. What will the scales be telling me this week? I am determined to get my 1/2 stone award this week so need to have lost at least 2lb.

I hope you all had nice weekends.

And the Good News is………

I LOST 3.5lb!!!!!! and yes I am very happy. I know what I need to do now and if I can eat similar foods and quantity to what I have consumed this week every week then I will be on the road to slim.

I was one of the biggest loosers in my Slimming World group this morning so I was very happy. Something must have clicked last week and I plan to continue in the same way this week. If I loose 2lb next week I will have lost 1/2 a stone so that is my target for next week. Woohooo 🙂

Less than 24 hours until my next weigh in

I am amazed at how quickly the last week has gone. I can’t believe that yet again I will be weighing in tomorrow morning at Slimming World.

I am confident that this week I will be smiling after being weighed as I am 100% certain that I have lost weight this week. Thank goodness for Muller Lights – which reminds me I must do some research into them to find out if they are providing me with any nutrients and vitamins etc or are they just a wasted food like crisps. Most flavours are only about 50-100 calories a pot and they also seem to be low in saturated fat (I think – 0.3g of saturated fat per 100g is this good?) which is why I seem to be consuming approximately 2-3 of them a day as my chocolate, crisp and other unhealthy foods replacement. Slimming World rave about them but I am starting to question some of the foods they recommend as many seem to be diet foods (low calorie, low fat foods) and I am not so sure these are healthy either as they contain sweeteners and other items which research shows are not good for you.

Food is such a confusing thing when you really start to look into it. I don’t understand vitamins, minerals, fat content, good carbs and bad carbs. I am sure if I did have a better understanding I would know what to eat and what not to eat.

Anyway wish me luck for tomorrow. Think of me at approx 9.45am when I am a nervous wreck about to step up onto those scales. I will of course update you tomorrow with the outcome.

Gutted but still determined

I was weighed in this morning at Slimming World and was gutted to find that I had put on half a pound. I have tried so hard this week (but maybe not hard enough) and I have started running again. I am sure I am eating 50% less than I was 6 weeks ago so why cant I loose any weight? How on earth am I going to loose around 7 stone if I cant even loose 1/2lb a week!!!

I am wondering if starvation (water only) is the answer just to see if I loose any weight.

On my way home from being weighed in I was so tempted to blow it all and buy a large packet of crisps and down a glass of wine. For 6 x weeks now I have avoided crisps and have only had alcohol on 3 occassions, prior to this I was having wine every night and at least 2 x packets of crisps a day. So WHY cant I loose weight?? Arrgggghhhhhhhhh.

Ok rant over, on a positive note I got home, put my running gear on and went for a run. I am following my running app on my ipod and today was my last day of running 8 x 1 minute intervals with 1.5 minute walks in between and a 5 minute warm up each side. I took my anger out on the run and I needed to because there was a lot of frustration there.

I intend to go and purchase some fruit today and attempt to eat fruit if I am hungry between meals. This will be easier said than done as the temptation to eat other things is always there but I need to do this.