Long time no blog

Sorry sorry sorry to those of you whom are following my blog.  I have not posted for over a week.  I dont know where the time has gone. I have been frantically selling things on e-bay trying to raise some spending money for our holiday and so by the time I have done this I have had enough of sitting at my desk and lap top!  One day I will upgrade to an ipad and life will be so much easier.

Well you will be pleased to hear that last Thursday I weighed in and lost a total of 3lb. I was as you can imagine very very happy. I also got my 1 stone weight loss award and slimmer of the week award!!!  So my total weight loss is now 17lb.  Only 5 stone and 11lb to go (i’m getting there slowly).

Last Tuesday I had a terrible run.  I only managed to run for 10 minutes and ended up power walking the rest.  So I continued as usual and did my usual run on Thursday and yes it went fine. I managed it without stopping and ran for a full 30 mins (with a few wee stops for  monty!).  On Saturday my run was fine and Mondays run was also fine so hopefully I am back on track again now.  I am noticing that my breathing seems to be holding me back and I am wheezing so I think a trip to the doctors is required to check that I am not asthmatic or something.

I have not done Davina this week as I need to fix my DVD player which seems to have gone up the swanny.  Hopefully this will be sorted out soon as I am missing my living room workout.

So – tomorrow – weigh in again.  How do I think I will do?  Hmmmmm.  I have been sensible with my eating but I did have a Mr Whippy ice-cream on bank holiday Monday with a chocolate flake in it!  I have felt guilty ever since for consuming this and so if I have remained the same or put on weight then Mr Whippy was the cause.  Its my own fault and I will know next time not to have a Mr Whippy ice-cream.  It was very nice though.

I will be going for a run in the morning and I am looking forward to it.  It is so nice to be able to run now the weather is a bit better, especially early in he morning before it gets too warm.


Davina workout – Tick

davina_intense_300[1]After a tiring day at work and a toddler who would not go to sleep because she had had 10 minutes sleep during the day I managed a Davina workout with my lovely friend Missy. Tonight we did the Davina Intense Cardio Box workout and wow was it intense! I was very pleased to see that Missy was out of breath and sweating buckets too as she is a very fit person.

It is so difficult sometimes to motivate yourself but wow is it worth it once you have completed it.

Run tomorrow with Rebecca.
Weigh in!!!!!

Should you reward yourself after a successful weigh in?

Do you go and buy yourself a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps or treat yourself to a chinese or indian takeaway after a successful weigh in?

I try not to reward myself if I loose weight at a weigh in because you are bound to have snacks or rewards throughout the week anyway.

My reward for loosing weight last week was sharing a cake with Simon. If I had rewarded myself on Thursday following the weigh in I would still probably have had the cake with Simon on Saturday too.

There are other ways of rewarding yourself for loosing weight such as treating yourself to a magazine or an item of clothing (if you have lost so much weight your clothes are beginning to get baggy). If you dont have much money reward yourself with a nice walk in the fresh air. Its tuning your brain to think that a walk is a reward. Its probably better to reward yourself with a non-food item and then you dont see food as a pat on the back. Its a bit like children – the advice is dont reward your children with chocolate or sweets but reward them with other things such as a drawing book or a day out or an extra 10 minutes of play time before bed.

Years ago when I used to go to Slimming World I remember one lady used to eat a whole (big) bar of Dairy Milk fruit and nut in one go after weighing in. She still managed to loose weight but perhaps she would have lost more if she hadnt scoffed this whole bar of chocolate.

My overall reward in about 18 months time will be my body and my health and that is a huge reward but until I get there I will reward myself with small but meaningful things when I loose weight, I will avoid rewarding myself with food though.

Tough day today

Today has been tough. I started the day off well with a bowl of fruit and yoghurt but by 10.30 I was hungry and the hunger does not seem to have shifted. I have been sipping green tea and water in the hope the at the hunger goes away. In fact I am not sure if it is hunger as my tummy feels bloated/full but I just want to eat something.

I am not sure I know what hungry is so it is hard for me to determine whether I am hungry or just wanting food for the sake of it. I am sure its the wanting food for the sake of it but I am not sure why I want the food for the sake of it. Does that make any sense?

I got on the scales this morning and my weight seems to be the same as my weight at weigh in last Thursday which is slightly worrying. However yesterday I was (at one point) 4lb lighter. I guess it will just be the luck of the day tomorrow. My weight yesterday was at xx stone 6lb which is the lowest weight that has come up on the scales so far so I am hopeful that all I am doing is making a difference.

I have just found a book that I purchased a couple of years ago by an author called Marissa Peer called “You Can Be Thin” this book was recommended to my by a friend and I did read it at the time but I was not in the right frame of mind then to actually take action. So I have started to read it again. She provides tips using your mind to avoid bad foods for example; look at a pizza as though its a bit of bread with lard on it (the cheese). She also recommends putting some bread in some water and leaving it for a couple of days to see what it looks like after the couple of days have passed then imagine this in your stomach. I will tell you more once I have read more of the book.

Right so nice slow cooked chicken paprika for tea tonight, I am starving (or am I) so am really looking forward to it. Wish me luck for weigh in tomorrow. I think I need it after today.

The Countdown begins

So its Tuesday night and the countdown begins for weigh in on Thurs morning.

Today I weighed myself before my run and I weighed xx stone and 10lb when I got back from my run I had some lunch and then weighed myself again and I weighed 4lb less!!! How does that work?? My weight does seem to fluctuate by 4lb. Has anyone else noticed that their weight fluctuates in a similar way?

So anyway back to the countdown. I am finding I am getting into a sort of eating routine/habit (whatever you want to call it) and so for each new day the crisps seem more of a distant memory. I got paid today so did my large food shop and I didnt even walk down the crisp or chocolate aisle. I am so proud of myself for avoiding those two aisles as they are so tempting. I try not to think about the relationship I had with crips because if I do, I start missing them; especially Walkers chilli sensations!!

If I can keep this routine up for the rest of my life I will be sorted and slim.

A Huge Thank You

I know its only day one but I am amazed at the support I am receiveing from friends and friends of friends. I really apprecaite all of the messages and tips it all helps.

Since my weigh in this morning, I have had time to reflect and sulk and am now feeling more positive. Food wise I have had a really good day and feel very proud of myself though Simon has just called to say he will be too late getting to mine to cook dinner so he will be getting a Waitrose meal (the special offer deal) so I have asked him to find a meal that is healthy or as healthy as possible. I dont want to cancel out all the good I have done today.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me and following my blog. When I become a little more experienced in blogging I will make the site more interesting for you all to read.

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend and her children for lunch. We will be eating out somewhere so I have a new challenge to contend with. What shall I eat? I guess that there will be healty options on the menu and so I will have to avoid looking at the other items. Wish me luck! I will update you tomorrow on the outcome.